How to make an oven in Minecraft. In Minecraft, the oven is one of the most important objects, since it is essential to create other elements such as coal, glass, minerals and even food. As it is relatively simple, it is possible to build it right at the beginning of the game, using some rocks collected on the map.

It is essential to bear in mind that, to create your oven, first you need to make a workbench: a form used to build items in Minecraft. In addition, the bench is useful for other tasks in the game, such as mounting a pickaxe or turning stones into boulders, for example.

At ik4, we are going to show you this tutorial on how to make and light common ovens in Minecraft. It is worth remembering that Minecraft is available for download on PC, macOS, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, and in a mobile version for download on Android and iPhone (iOS).

How to make an oven in Minecraft in 7 stepsHow to make an oven in Minecraft step by step

  1. Find trees and collect some wooden blocks To begin the process.
  2. Open the construction menu pressing E (PC), X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) and place four boards in the mounting area to create a workbench. Use it to build a wooden pickaxe.
  3. Find one stone fountain and break them with your pick to collect rocks. You will need at least eight units to build your oven.
  4. Go back to your bank and place the eight rocks in the spawn area with the central square empty. Click to build the furnace, which will be added to your Minecraft inventory.
  5. Select the oven and place it on a map surface. Click or press LT / L2 to start using it.
  6. To use the oven, at the bottom, add firewood as fuel and in the top, add the element you want to modify. It is possible to transform wood into charcoal and sand into glass, in addition to cooking different types of food, which become more efficient to bring life back.
  7. For more advanced activities, users can also create the powerful oven (or self-oven), which can perform the same functions than the normal one faster way. The process is similar, but requires iron bars and smooth stones to create.

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