Know how to make an anvil in minecraft it is quite simple and you can use it for different tasks. Can be used for repair equipment in different ways. There is also the possibility of repair a gun, tool or armor combining it with more material, for example, an iron pick with iron bars.

It is worth mentioning that there is a certain cost in experience points to make repairs, and a common tool is usually not worth repairing.

The greatest utility of the anvil is its ability to wield enchanted weapons and armor. Thus, the player can repair a good enchanted tool, or even combine weapons with different enchantments in a single item that gathers all these enchantments. In this case, the repairs and combinations usually cost much more in experience points.

At we have prepared this tutorial for you to learn step by step how to make an anvil and take advantage of the advantages it offers. Shall we start?

How to make anvil in Minecraft step by stepAnvil in Minecraft

  1. Collect 31 Iron Bars melting the iron ore found in caves.
  2. Go to a workbench and build three iron blocks that cost nine iron bars each.
  3. Still on the workbench, create the anvil with the three iron blocks and the four remaining iron bars.
  4. Place the anvil somewhere to use it. If there is no block under it, it will fall and can cause damage.
  5. Use the interact button on the anvil to open your menu and start arranging your items.

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