How to make glass in Minecraft. Making glass in Minecraft is possible by following a few simple steps. The game brings a wide variety of building blocks into its world, but one of the first blocks that also had a decorative function was glass. With it, players can create functional windows to see if there are monsters around your homes and enjoy the natural sunlight during the day.

All glass blocks in Minecraft are obtained melting sand or placing red sand in a furnace. To create large amounts of glass, it is recommended look for a biome that has large amounts of sand, such as a desert. Some users wonder how to do thin glass instead of a large block like the one seen in villages. This type of glass is a «Glass panel", a smallest block that can be created in large quantities from six glass blocks.

A curiosity about the Glass Block is that it is one of the few blocks that cannot be removed normally after being placed in the world. If the player tries to extract the block, like when using a pickaxe, for example, it will simply break apart leaving nothing behind. The only way to remove it without destroying it is with the enchantment «Silk touch«.

At ik4 We are going to show you how to create glass blocks, glass panels and how to make colored glass in Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

How to make glass in Minecraft step by step

How to make glass in Minecraft

How to make glass in Minecraft

  1. Get some arena (you can use a shovel to speed up the process).
  2. Put the sand with some kind of fuel in an oven.
  3. Every block of sand will become a glass block ready to use.

How to make glass panel step by step

  1. On a workbench Collect six glass blocks to create 16 glass panel units.
  2. Put the glass panel somewhere. When only one pane of glass is attached, it looks like a stick. It just becomes a kind of wall with two or more panels connected.

How to make colored glass

To make colored glass it is necessary use dyes, the same ones that are used for other functions such as making concrete in Minecraft or dyeing wool. Some can be find in flowerswhile others are harder to come by. For example, if the player wants something like to do a black glass panel, you need a bag of ink obtained by killing squid. Simply go to a workbench in possession of the stain and glass blocks or panes of glass to apply the color.

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