How to make hair curtains? A curtain of hair is nothing more than an extension that is woven and can be used on both women and dolls, they are made on sewing machines or can also be woven by hand by placing each strand of synthetic hair or it can also be natural, It is important to add that the curtains that are made by hand are usually thicker and at the same time more resistant.

In this post we will be able to know what is the ideal way to do machine hair curtains and in this way to know each of the steps that have to be followed, let's continue reading.

The first steps

The first thing to do is proceed to separate the amount of strands of hair that you want to place on the curtain and leave them one by one, it is necessary that each of the strands of hair used are exactly the same size.

Subsequently, the machine configuration It must be changed to the smallest and in this way proceed to place a thread that is the same color as the hair strands that are going to be used to make the curtain.

Another of the first steps is to proceed to cut several strips of tissue paper of at least 3 inches or 7.5 cm wide and the length, depending on the strands, must be of a color similar to the tone of the strands that are going to be used.

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What else needs to be done?

To continue with the process you have to place a paper strip silk on a flat surface and then place the hair on top in a thin layer at least 7.5 cm wide, like the strips of paper it is necessary that the top of the hair is closer to the top edge of the paper.

The layer of hair should be covered with the second strip of silk paper and in this way take the entire cape with the hair and everything and with great care it must be carried to the sewing machine that will be used.

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It's time to sew

Must be sew on a single line which has to be horizontal, in the center the tissue paper and the hair have to go, it is necessary that it be about 6 mm away to where the hair ends.

Subsequently, the top layer of tissue paper should be lifted and thus proceed to extend a little more than strands of hair, it should be a thin even layer and this is how the first section of the curtain should be created.

To continue with the process of sew the curtain that is being made, what should be done is to take the top layer of tissue paper towards the back on the same hair and in this way continue cooking from exactly the same point where it was previously finished.

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