Learning how to make a torch in Minecraft it is quite useful if you want to keep a illuminated area, transport the fire or just use it as decorative element.

At ik4.es we are going to show you step by step how make torches, in addition we will also show you how to do soul torches, flashlights o pumpkins. Do we start

How to make a torch in Minecraft step by step

Torches in Minecraft

Torches in Minecraft

HR torches in Minecraft you can create with sticks and charcoal, either common or charcoal.

For, create firewood, uses processed wood into wooden planks and then into firewoodthe bamboo, which can be converted into firewood with a ratio of 2 bamboo per 1 stick.

El common coal can be found of natural form but not a fuel source renewable. For create Coal, place firewood in a furnace with some kind of fuel.

How to make soul torch

The torch of the soul o Soul torch is a blue variant of the common torch that generates less light and does not melt ice. To create them, use the same elements, gravel and coal, with the addition of Soul Earth or Soul Sand. Both found in the Nether.

How to make a flashlight

  1. With 1 iron bar, use a bench to turn it into 9 iron nuggets. Will be needed 8 of them to create the lantern.
  2. Use a torch and nuggets to make a lantern.

Unlike flashlights, lanterns can be placed on the ceiling.

How to make a Halloween pumpkin

A halloween pumpkinn emits as much light as a torch. To create it you must first have a pumpkina, either planted or obtained in the world of Minecraft.

With a Clipper, interact with the pumpkin block to turn it into a carved pumpkin and pick it up below.

Attach the pumpkin to a torch to create a Halloween pumpkin.

This has been it! We hope this short guide has been helpful to you. If you liked this article, you should read this other one in which we talk about how to make an oven in Minecraft. Until next time!.