How to make the name invisible in Among Us. A little trick in Among Us allows you to make the name is invisible in coincidences. In the spy and intrigue game, participants try to keep a space station running with basic tasks, but one of them is a traitor who sabotages the team.

To play, each competitor needs a name that identifies him, chosen before the match begins. However, some players have discovered a way to trick the game into keep identity invisible and therefore they can prank their friends. From Ik4. is we show you how to make your name invisible in Among Us for Android and iOS (iPhone).

How to make the name invisible in Among Us step by stepUnicode Among Us

Among Us generally does not allow players to leave their name blank, and a game cannot be started until the user has added their ID. However, there are characters Unicode that may appear invisible. People use the character «Hangul Filler »(U + 3164) of the Korean alphabet. It can be seen, or not seen, exemplified within these parentheses (ㅤ). By adding this space, by copying and pasting it, Among Us accepts it as a valid name, but is invisible to other participants.

To carry out the process correctly, follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the «Hangul filler»Inside these parentheses and copy it ().

Step 2. Open Among Us and choose between one local, online or free play.

Step 3. Touch the box to add your name to Among Us.

Step 4. Touch and hold the text space until «Catch«. Tap on it and then hit «Accept«.

Step 5. Start the game with your invisible name.

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