How will you modify the Windows bar? The Windows bar is one of the basic work tools on the computer desktop, it shows each and every one of the programs that are taking out or running on the operating system, it also gives the opportunity for users to pin frequently used programs.

When we talk about anchoring programs we mean highlight on taskbar the icons of the programs for quicker access to them. In this case, only their icons are displayed and with just one click we can display them, the icons may or may not be displayed on the desktop, this depends on the users.

The task bar

As we indicated previously, the taskbar is one of the functions with which all operating systems that are installed on computers have, these have the function of showing the programs that are being executed or used on the computer, at first it was only used for this, with time and the evolution of the systems The taskbar has become an important element for users.

With the taskbar users they will be able to execute various commands, since it gives them an alternative to create the shortcuts to the programs. They will also be able to view the programs that are running both in the foreground and in the background.

What can be configured

  • Apart from performing the anchored from certain programs, you can also:
  • Configure completely the shortcut menu.
  • Run commands.
  • Enter the operating system and equipment configurations.
  • Enter the PowerShell.
  • Configure and enter the Windows search option, among other tasks.

The configuration

  • The first thing to do is press on the bar task list with the right mouse button.
  • This action will display a series of alternatives among which we must select the taskbar configuration.
  • Once within these alternatives, we proceed to select program that you want to visualize in this and configure it.

To pin the programs

The way to perform anchoring programs in the tare bar is:

  • Locate the icon of the program that we want to anchor.
  • Press about icon of this program with the right mouse button.
  • This will display a series of alternatives.
  • Locate and select the one called: anchor to the task bar and press on this option.

Position the taskbar

For some users the taskbar at the bottom of the computer is a bit uncomfortable, Windows gives them the alternative of place it in different places from the computer screen.

We can place it at either end of the screen, we only have to press on the task bar and move it with the mouse to the extreme we want.

The same goes for sizeIf we want it bigger, just click on the taskbar with the mouse and increase its size.