How to browse offline from Chrome? Internet is one of the tools of daily use for almost all people worldwide, we are generally connected to the network practically 24 hours a day, practically all current electronic devices have the possibility of connecting to the internet. This is a great advantage when searching for any information.

But it may happen that at some point we do not have connection, because we are in a place without internet signal or simply the signal may fail for different reasons. Today browsing without an internet connection is possible, then we will explain how this is.

The advantages

La browsing without internet brings with it a series of advantages, among which we can name you:

  • It is possible to enter to different web pages without internet.
  • You can perform the file download.
  • Perform access to files online without being connected.
  • The use of mobile or from computers is possible.

How to do it from Firefox

To browse without internet from this search engine, the first thing to do is activate the alternative of "Cache pages." This action will allow you to enter the pages without the need for an internet connection.

The configuration you will do it as follows:

Enter the search bar on command aboue: config, then hit enter.

This will display a pop-up window, in this window the system will indicate all the risks of carrying out this action. If you agree, press accept.

This will display a new pop-up window in which you will find a series of options, you must select "show all".

Later you will select "Browser.cache.offline.enable" and confirm that the value of this is "true".

Then you will choose the alternative of "toggle" and voila.

What happens next

Once you make the configuration indicated above, the system will progressively save each and every one of the internet pages you see, which will allow you enter them even when do not have an internet connection at certain times.

You just have to click on the menu options, which will allow you to enter the "web developer" section. click on the option "Work offline" and you will have access to the pages.

How to do it from Chrome

To navigate from Chrome offline you must also activate the "Offline cache mode", in this case you will do it as follows:

You must enter the address bar and type the command "Chrome: // flags, press enter and this will take you to "Experimental options panel".

Performs the enablement of the alternatives "offline cache mode" and "Offline auto-reload mode".

Finally restart the computer to save changes.

What happens next

Once this process has been carried out, you will be able to have access to the pages that are saved in the computer's search history, without the need for you to have internetRemember that by activating these options you run a security risk.