How to open MDX files

When a user downloads computer programs or games to their PC, they may find that they contain a file in the MDX format. In this article we will tell you which programs are designed to open it and provide you with a brief overview. Let's get started.

Open MDX files

MDX is a relatively new file format that contains a CD image (that is, it performs the same functions as the more popular ISO or NRG). This extension was created by combining the other two, MDF, which contains track and session information, and MDS, which is used to store other disc image information.

Next, we will talk about opening these files using two programs created to work with CD "images".

Method 1: Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools is the most popular program for working with disk images, which provides, among other things, the possibility of installing a virtual disk on the system, the information of which will be taken from the MDX file.

Download the latest version of Daemon Tools for free

  1. In the main program window, in the upper right corner, click the plus sign.

  2. In the system window. "Explorer". select the disk image you want.

  3. An image of your disk will now appear in the Daemon Tools window. Left-click on it and press "Enters". on the keyboard.

  4. At the bottom of the program menu, click once on the disk drive you just installed on your system, and then on the button "Explorer" with the contents of the MDX file.

Method 2: Astroburn

Astroburn provides the ability to mount disk images of various types on the system, including the MDX format.

Download the latest version of Astroburn for free

  1. Right-click on the empty space of the main program menu and select the option "Import from image"..

  2. In the window. "The conductor of the orchestra". click on the desired MDX image and press thebutton. "Opens"..

  3. The program window will now list the files contained in the MDX image. Working with them is no different than working with other file managers.

  4. Conclusion:

    In this material we have considered two programs that offer the possibility of opening MDX images. Working in them is comfortable thanks to the intuitive interface and easy access to the necessary functions.

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