How to patch a message in a Viber group chat

How to patch a message in a Viber group chat


To draw the attention of group members and the Viber community to some information, as well as to avoid the likelihood that the public of the associations will miss a single important message, messaging users use the "Secure message.". This article covers how to use this function in practice.

How to secure a message in a Viber chat

The option we are talking about in this article is available in all versions of the messenger and below are instructions on how to dock a message in Viber from Android devices, iPhone and Windows PC. But first, a bit of information on how the function works:

  • Any information at the top of a chat where there are more than two people chatting, in the case of a "normal" group, can be posted by any member of that group. In communities, only administrators have the privilege of pinning messages. Also read:
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  • Both outgoing and incoming messages must be engaged in correspondence.
  • Not only a text message, but also a sticker or a smiley, an image, a video clip or a survey can become a banner placed on the correspondence. The only exceptions are voice messages. Also read:
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  • It is possible to pin a single message in a chat, and when you apply the function to any other of yours or another user, it will replace the previous one.


In Viber for Android, pinning any message is possible with just a few taps on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet.

    1. Open the messenger and go to the group or community where you are going to place a banner with important information.

    1. Search for a message to move to the top of the chat, or write a new message to community members.
    2. Long press in the message area to display the menu.
    3. Select the item "Insurance". in the list of available options.

  1. Confirm the request received from the courier.
  2. Evaluate the received result.


Ensuring the constant presence of this or that information before the eyes of the members of the chat group or the community with Viber for iPhone is no more difficult than through the messaging application that works in the Android environment:

    1. Start Viber, open a group or community. Write a message that requires the attention of other chat participants, or find one in your correspondence.

  1. Long press in the message area to bring up the options menu and press "Plus".. In the case of multimedia messages and links, you must also touch the arrow button to access the indicated menu option.
  2. In the area that appears at the bottom of the screen, select Fix.. Next, confirm your Viber request.
  3. Now you can evaluate the result.


With Viber for Windows, a clone application of the main messaging client installed on your mobile device, it is also possible to pin messages to a group or community.

  1. Open Viber on your computer and click on the group or community chat header in the list "Conversations"..
  2. Right-click the area of ​​the message that you want to pin at the top of the correspondence.
  3. In the menu that opens, select the option "Insurance"..
  4. Confirm your intentions by clicking "Insurance". in the query box.
  5. The information selected in step 2 of this instruction will be instantly positioned over the message area and will remain there until it is detached.


Patching messages in Viber chat, as you can see, is very simple. Once you have used this feature, you will understand how effective it is in communicating important information to your group or community on messenger.

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