How to play Among Us? The cycles of fame that digital content has on the internet are affected by a number of situations that elevate it to the top, or end up banishing it to the bottom. A clear example is Tik Tok, where songs that were little known or popular a few years ago are used, and that with the use of platform they manage to take off again or grow larger than they already were.

The same happens with T.V. series, but going to a more current content, such as the video game, for a title to succeed and become popular, it must be developed by a large company, and stand out from the rest of the millions of games similar to it.

With the new platforms an independent developer can create a game and publish it, so that other players buy it and use it as they wish, within the cluster of possible situations, a game called Among Us.

What is Among Us?

     Among Us is an RPG, where it takes place in a small space and not in an open world, the idea is that at least 8 people enter a room, 2 will be impostors and the rest will be crew members.

If you are a crew member, you will have to carry out a series of missions and objectives to prevent the ship where they are from suffering damage and the impostors from gaining ground. if you are impostor, your mission will be to kill the crew members without being discovered, and prevent them from doing the tasks.

Modifications in the latest update of Among Us

At first the game was more basic, the crew members and the impostors were divided, and all could carry out the same maneuvers, now the actions are different for impostors and crew members. For example, only one of the impostors can shapeshift and impersonate a crewman, and a crew member can get into the sewers, making it harder to figure out what they're doing and who the real suspect is.

How do you play Among Us?

What makes the game attractive it's not so much its development, but the use that the players themselves give it, since it is influenced by their participation, especially when there is a meeting. These occur when a crew member (or an impostor himself) reports a deceased, and those who are alive debate what happened and decide whether or not to drop a player from the ship.

These discussions are they can do it in two ways, the first is with a message tray on the left of the screen, there the players they write what they saw, who they vote for or if they take no action.

But the funniest way is when they do it talking, and it is achieved when all the players open a Discord channel and they unite, play and at the moment of meeting, discuss what happened It gives more dynamism to the game and makes it attractive.

Why did Among Us become a popular game?

Among Us became known months after its official launch, and two key factors intervened in the middle, the first was the pandemic, which kept many people locked up in their homes (what what free time meant), and in second place are the Streamers.

     Streamers with millions of followers hung out with a group and they made series of the game, which motivated millions of people to try it and create their own experiences within the game. In addition, it has the advantage of being available for computers and also for high-end phones, two different devices to use.