How to play in Lost Lands Dark Overlord Walkthrough? In the following content, we will find a complete tour of some of the game's chapters, from where we can begin to detail the steps we must follow to successfully complete each of the parts shown.

Thus, we will see each of the indications in order of execution, with which we will have the correct answer. Given this, Let's start with this guide.

First chapter

In this first chapter, what we will do is follow certain indications, such as; we will start by taking the palette, after that, we grab the knife. Once we have these elements, with the knife We'll cut the rope and get a rod to fish. With the help of the fishing rod, we can get the wooden disk.

What remains to be done is to move forward, after that, we will take a wooden disk. With the trowel on the ground, we will obtain another wooden disc. From the tree we will also get wood, so, we will put the three discs in the slots and with that we can restore the drawing.

Second chapter

In this chapter 2 we must make a more moves, but we will explain them in detail below:

  1. We start by selecting Jimmy
  2. We take the dry branch
  3. then the dagger
  4. With the dry twig we will obtain an owl if we use it with the birds.
  5. The owl will help us get the knocker.
  6. The weight is grabbed.
  7. Choose to retire.
  8. The knocker is used on the door.
  9. You will be able to enter the tree.
  10. Get the map by talking to Uri.
  11. Take the oil and the butterfly net.
  12. Pull up the rug to get red disk
  13. It's time to read the recipe
  14. You can take another weight
  15. At that time you must open the curtain, shoot a jump and then touch the jump.
  16. Take the head and get out of the tree.
  17. You must put your head in the door. You will see that there are two, so tap each one twice. You will be able to enter.
  18. Grab another weight.
  19. take two steps back
  20. Leave the weights on the scales, go over the bridge.
  21. Select Timmy this time
  22. Use the Pondweed and move on.
  23. Select Timmy again

Chapter 3

At this point, the game starts to get a bit dense, however; can be fixed. We'll start by talking to Uri, after that, we will take the bark. Next, the flower is selected, use the dagger on the root, the important thing is to have the root of that flower.

With the butterfly net you can get the fireflies. With the dagger you will find Lily. She then selects the box. As for the order of the puzzle, we have the following solution: 3c, b, a, a4, b, a, 3c, b, a, c, b, a. As long as you have found another red disc, go to the forest.

Use the fireflies in a flashlight. In rubble you will get jumps, if you play, you will get the claw hammer. Head to the swamp. With the claw hammer on the dogs, you will get an oar.

part two chapter 3

Let's see next, the ending of this chapter, being a good starting point to continue on our own in the game:

  • With the oar in the cage, you will have a bottle and a page.
  • Find the tree sap.
  • With the dagger, you will find mushrooms.
  • Look at the table while you are in Uri's cabin.
  • Place the elements in the container and use the mortar.
  • The lily must go on the stand, use the bowl and the tree sap.
  • The enchanted lily will go on the pad.
  • You will be able to talk to the spirit of the lake.
  • Take the arrow with the rope and load the crossbow.

Once finished this chapter, surely you are ready to continue with the adventures in the game.