How to play the new map of Among Us (Airship). Among Us received its new airship map at the end of March last year. The novelty brought the largest area ever created by producer InnerSloth to compete in the game and a number of other changes. Next, from ik4 we explain about the elements of locomotion and we also give you advice on how to play new minigames to win in sabotage. Remember that the new Airship map from Among Us is available to download on Android, iPhone (iOS), Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S series.

The update to play in Airship is mandatory and the user can automatically download an already updated version from the stores. In the drop down menu, if you just want to play on the new map, click on each of the other maps to deselect them and leave only the new map enabled. It is recommended to set the number of imposters to «Any»To increase the number of matches found on Airship or your options may become more limited.

How to use ladders and moving platform

Two great novelties for locomotion in Among Us are stairs and a moving platform to cross distant spaces. They can be used simply by zooming in and pressing «Use«. The ladder takes a while to go up and is much faster to go down. The mobile platform can be used once to cross to the other side of a space, however, it does not return after use, so only one player can use it to cross at a time.

How to choose the starting location on the new Airship map

Another unique feature of this map is that not all players start in the same area. Before the start of each round, the game offers three locations as option, which change every time. At first, it may take a while to get used to the map and the places where it is possible to appear, not to mention that it is possible to end up with an imposter on your own.

New tasks and minigames on the new Airship map

How to play the new Among Us map

How to play the new Among Us map

The aircraft map has added a number of fun new mini-games for the crew to perform as tasks. One of the ways the team can win the game is complete all your tasks before the impostor eliminates the other participants. Note that even after being killed by the impostor, the crew members must still run their tasks like ghosts, but they cannot fix the sabotage problems.

Take a look at the new Airship minigames and how to complete them.

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Weapons storage

This minigame takes place in the ship's arsenal and has two variants with pistols and rifles. The task arrow initially points to some weapons: just click "Use" to collect them. The arrow then points to where to store them, go to the location, and drag the weapons onto the rifle or pistol-shaped drawings.

Ruby polish

Simply "rub" the dirty parts rubbing the touch screen or moving the cursor of the mouse to polish the jewels.

Unclog vase

Touch or click and hold the unblock handle and move it up and downor until the minigame is completed.


In the safe there is a written number and an address. Turn the left number wheel in the same direction as shown in the drawing up to the number displayed. When you get to it a new number appears in the other direction and then another. At the end, turn the right crank to open the safe.

Turn on the ventilation

Another difficult task in which you have to look up a four symbol code and then go around the boat to reinsert them into a panel almost in the same place as the previous one, but without a direct connection between them.

Dress mannequin

In this minigame, the user must dress a mannequin in the same clothes shown at the top of the screen tapping or clicking garments and dragging them onto the mannequin.

Rewind tapes

This is a chore for the nostalgic. The users must rewind or fast-forward a tape to get to a certain moment that is displayed on the screen.

Fix the shower

Simply click on the screen to hammering a crooked shower head multiple times until it straightens.

Make a sandwich

In the kitchen, a task asks the player to do a certain kind of sandwich. It is not possible to look at the recipe and make the sandwich at the same time, so you have to decorate the ingredients. There is the possibility of consulting the recipe in the middle of assembly. Just put the ingredients in order and don't forget the bread.

Organize files

Some folders are on a table and the player must press "Use" to get them, then take them to the indicated location and save them. Something that makes this task a bit longer is the need to grab one folder at a time.

Take out the trash

The task of taking out the trash may seem a bit awkward at first, but it just pull the garbage bag by the strings at the top and drag it across the screen to separate it from the trash can.

Stabilize the ship

In the cockpit, the player must place the stick and lever of engine power in a preset position.

Data upload

downloading data it's still the same, but the load is more fun. When activating the task, a smartphone appears on the screen with a signal strength indicator and the player you must move it until you have a "Good" or "Perfect" connection to transmit the data.

To reveal pictures

Drag the photos into the developer liquid and wait a moment displayed in the upper left corner of your to-do list before taking them.

Reset circuit breakers

This is a very complicated task in the electrical part. The player must check each switch individually and see its number to activate them again by pulling the lever in order from 1 to 7.

Pick up the towels

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the game, the user must collect all the towels that fell from the bathroom area with the "Use" button and then take them to a laundry basket where they should drag each one.

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Enough with go to the place with the decon showers and click "Use" to take a shower. A picture of your character will appear and a percentage will decrease to 0% when the minigame is complete.

Avoid ship collision

To solve this sabotage, two players must stand at separate control panels on opposite sides of the dolly space and enter the same code, which changes regularly.

La green light on the side of the panel indicates whether the left and right sides have entered the correct code. Nap off, means that no other player has entered the code on the other side. Yes it's in Red, it means that the another participant has entered a code that is no longer valid.

Now that you know how to play on the new map of Among Us (Airship), we recommend that you learn to change your name within the game.