How to point some roosters 10 days before? Roosters are commonly used animals for fighting, but unlike a farm rooster, they have a different training and lifestyle. Cockfighting is a practice that continues to this day, They continue to move a significant number of people, so there are the people who raise these roosters for the happy fights.

What is the main difference between fighting cocks and farm roosters?

Any rooster can be fighting or farm, the main difference lies in the training they have, the care and feeding, All these factors determine a fighting cock and a normal one. In addition to the difference between parenting, there is how they develop with the environment, reason why the breeders go together with other roosters so that they adapt to the violent reaction.

It is a long and complex process, the roosters are trained from the beginning, until the day they are going to fight, in a technique known as tapping.

What is the scoring of the fighting cocks?

Scoring is a practice where the breeder or owner of the fighting cock, has to be governed by a series of indications so that the rooster is in the best conditions on the day of the fight. What controls the score is feeding depending on the size of the rooster. All the time and exercise that he has done is also taken into consideration.

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What is the point of scoring?

Point controls through exercise and food, all the mobility that it will have, the movement and control that it has in its legs. Avoiding at all costs that the rooster you spend calories and end up gaining weight, losing mobility.

However we can't exploit it either exercising and eating poorly, since he will arrive with significant wear at the time of the fight. All these factors must be controlled by breeders. Although it seems simple, it is extremely difficult to achieve it, the people who try to do it suffer for not obtaining the expected objective.

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From what moment does scoring begin in roosters?

The point is usually done when the rooster has scheduled a fight, and the preparation starts from the tenth day, although some people prefer to start the score from the seventh day. If we have doubts about how to do it, It is best to seek advice from a breeder, who can give us concrete answers.

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How does the scoring process begin?

Scoring begins by taking the data from the rooster, his weight and height and in what condition he is. Then we move on to the routine of exercises and food, based on the fact that the rooster don't waste more energy than you eat.

When the tenth day is reached, increases the amount of carbohydrates, in the case of raising the hours of training and exhaustionnt, or reduce it in case the training hours have been reduced.

when we get closer to the last two days, the scoring process is more intense, so the balance between feeding and attrition must be paramount, making sure that the rooster arrives in the better conditions and can fight as hard as possible.