How to Post Youtube Videos Directly from iPhone or iPad Using Youtube Capture 2.0

Youtube Capture has received an extensive update and is now available for download from the App Store. The list of major innovations includes the long-awaited support for all "seven" and a significantly expanded set of features. Now it will be much more convenient to create videos and upload them to social networks.

La youtube app Capture was developed as a simple and straightforward tool for creating authoring videos. It was originally adapted for the peculiarities of working with iPhone and iPad, it contains the functions of color correction, automatic image stabilization, etc. When you start the program for the first time, it asks for your account details; In the future, you can record a video right after launching the app. Also, in the settings there is an option, when it is activated, the shooting starts automatically, you just have to turn on the device.

The updated version of Youtube Capture It has the ability to change the order of the videos, crop them and merge them. Before it was possible to add background music, but now there are more sources of it, to which the music library of the application itself, “Youtube Soundtracks” and the user's music collection have been added. YouTube Capture 2.0 provides the ability to correct the color of a video clip, stabilize the image, change its duration, and more. Additionally, you can edit the video itself or change its musical accompaniment for both clips created in Youtube Capture as for everyone else. And if the result is not satisfactory, it returns everything to its original position in one fell swoop.

It only remains to add that the application YouTube Capture 2.0 it is completely free.

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