How to put a WhatsApp link in Instagram stories. Placing a WhatsApp link in Instagram Stories is a simple procedure that can be done on Android and iPhone (iOS). The function allows the user share WhatsApp contact with followers without revealing the number openly, allowing friends and customers to start conversations from the social network post.

The two-step process uses a free website that generates WhatsApp links and the Instagram link tag.

From ik4 we show you below how to put the whatsapp link in Instagram Stories.

How to put a WhatsApp link in Instagram stories step by step

How to put a WhatsApp link in Instagram stories step by step

  1. To generate the link for WhatsApp, access the website of in the browser of your mobile phone and enter your phone number, with area code, in the indicated field.
  2. Write a welcome message, if you wish, and click «Generate link«. The link will be ready immediately. Then tap on the button «Copy link«.
  3. Open Instagram and access the Stories camera.
  4. Then capture the image you want, or use an image from the gallery.
  5. After capturing or uploading the image, open the top menu and tap the label icon.
  6. Then, select the link tag.
  7. Paste the WhatsApp link you just copied into the indicated field.
  8. If you want, tap «Customize the label text» and type the text you want to display on the label.
  9. Click on the «Finalize» and you will see that the tag will be immediately added to the story.
  10. After that, just edit as you wish and post to your story.

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