How to put Shaders in Minecraft. It is possible to put Shaders in Minecraft by following some tips. The game looks very simple, with large blocks and not very detailed textures. However, this can be changed with some user-created modifications that add «Shaders" to the game. These graphics card post-processing effects can change the appearance of games, making them much more detailed and realistic. For this reason, from ik4 we have decided to show you how to install Shaders in Minecraft: Java Edition on PC.

It is worth mentioning that, as it is a modification, Shaders cannot be used on console versions. Finally, it is important to note that, since they are not official updates, modifications can cause compatibility issues in-game, including slowing.

To install shaders, the user must first install an optimization mod in Minecraft called «OptiFine«, Which adds support for modifications. The shaders themselves are standalone mod packages and must be downloaded from their creators' pages, in »«. Later, they should be placed in the OptiFine shaders folder.

How to put shaders in Minecraft: Java Edition

How to get shaders in Minecraft

How to get shaders in Minecraft

  1. Go to the website of mod OptiFine ( and download the latest version that is compatible with your version of Minecraft.
  2. After downloading the file .jar, double-click on it and then on «Install»To install. If all goes well, the message: «OptiFine installed successfully«.
  3. Opens Minecraft launcher. A new version of Minecraft called OptiFine will be available. Click to play and the game will warn you about the risks of playing a modified version. Continue if you agree.
  4. From the Start Menu, opens "Options", soon "Graphics»And click on the option«Shaders«.
  5. In the options Shaders, click on «Shaders folder»To open the folder where the shaders should be placed. Then click the download arrow to open a list of shader download pages;
  6. Download a shader package and drop the file .zip inside of "Shaders folder«. A good recommendation is «SEUS Renewed»(Unbelievable Shaders by Sonic Ether), one of the most popular mods.
  7. The file will appear in the Shaders list. Click on it to activate it. On the right side, you can see other options to configure the effects in detail and also disable the heavier effects.
  8. Start playing and you can see the shading effects in action.

We hope that this short guide about how to put shaders in minecraft has been useful to you. If you now want learn to teleport, keep browsing our website.