How to Quickly Delete Extra Burst Photos on iPhone

With the arrival of iOS 7, fans of «iPhone» received a number of new features, which, however, not everyone liked. The developers of Apple they already started to correct the omissions with the release of the first modified versions of the platform: iOS 7.0.3.

How to Delete iPhone Burst Photos

In fact, the unassuming photo filters that appeared in the Camera app were mainly useful only for active Instagram users, and burst shooting became a real torment for inexperienced amateur photographers. The fact is that a clamped camera “shutter” leads to the storage of an entire group of images, which then have to be deleted for quite some time. Furthermore, if users of the new flagship models of the iPhone 5s can adjust the number of photos taken during burst shooting, so for owners of older models, suddenly full memory often comes as a surprise.

However, iOS 7.0.3 updates make saving photos much easier. So, in the Photo application, a Favorites button appeared, with which you can select the best images. Thereafter, the system itself will request the deletion of all remaining “draft” photos, which greatly facilitates the memory cleaning process.