How to Record Slow Motion Videos on iPhone 5.

The new camera isight, which is equipped with the flagship smartphone iPhone 5S, can record slow motion video at 120fps per second; however, users of the model iPhone 5 from last year also have the ability to record in slow motion using the app Slow Cam .

How to Record Slow Motion Videos on iPhone 5

The advantages of slow motion are obvious: this mode allows you to more accurately convey what is happening, which is very useful for modern fans of an active lifestyle or those who like to shoot in "field" conditions. ». At the same time, the iPhone 5S allows you to select the appropriate mode directly in the Camera app, but users of iPhone 5 they will have to install a third party software. However, after installing Slow Cam, using the mode will also be simple and convenient.

The Lucky Clan app allows you to switch to slow motion while you shoot. In this case, the camera will still record what is happening, but already at a speed of 60 or 120 frames per second, than when playing it back at a standard speed of 30 frames/sec. It will create a slowing effect.

It is also worth noting that the app Slow Cam, works only on the latest smartphone models AppleiPhone 5 and above, and also requires iOS 7 installed.