How to recover sounds purchased from iTunes

How to recover sounds purchased from iTunes


Content purchased from the iTunes Store and App Store should be yours forever, as long as you don't lose access to your Apple ID account. However, many users are confused by the problem with sounds purchased from iTunes Store. This topic will be discussed in more detail in the article.

On our site there is far from an article dedicated to working on the iTunes program. Today, we will take a closer look at the question that worries many users who once purchased sounds (ringtones) from the iTunes Store: how purchased sounds can be restored.

How to recover sounds purchased from iTunes?

The problem is that, unlike other content purchased from the iTunes Store, sounds are purchased by the user not forever, but only for as long as they are on their device. Due to this, if the ringtone suddenly disappears from the sounds in the iPhone settings, it will not be possible to restore it for free, the only option is to buy again.

How to be in a similar situation?

First of all, users observe that the ringtones disappear automatically after restarting the device. Is this done on purpose? The support service claims this is a bug, but it has been happening for several years and a decision has yet to be received from Apple.


The way out of this situation is to try to prevent the device from restarting, if the ringtones are still missing, try connecting the device to iTunes and then connect your device to the computer and click the device icon to open the control menu.


In the left pane of the window, go to the tab Sounds and then check el element Selected sounds . If previously purchased sounds are displayed in the list, check the boxes next to them and then click the button. "Apply" in the lower area of ​​the window to start synchronization.


If this step did not help you, you will not be able to restore the sounds. In this case, you will need to contact Apple support via this link with the requirement that you get your money back in full. As a general rule, the support service approves such a request.

Given this circumstance, you can save yourself unnecessary expenses for ringtones by creating a ringtone for your iPhone yourself. I have already discussed this in more detail on our website.

How to create an iPhone ringtone and add it to your device


As for restoring other purchases (music, apps, movies, etc.), you can restore them in iTunes by clicking the tab "Account" and then in the section «Purchases» .


The window that opens will display the main sections of the multimedia content. By going to the desired section, you can restore all purchases made.


We hope this article has helped you solve the problem of restoring sounds purchased from the iTunes Store.

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