How to recover your Google account password

How to recover your Google account password

The password of any website can be lost, but it is not always possible to find or recover it. The hardest thing is losing access to an important resource, like Google. For many, it is not just a search engine, but also a YouTube channel, a complete Android profile with content stored there, and many of the company's services. However, their system is configured in such a way that it is very likely that you will be able to recover your password without having to create a new account. In this article, we will talk about how to access your account if you lose your passwords.

Google account password recovery

It is worth saying right away that a lost password on Google, as on many other services, will not be easy to recover unless the user has the most important proof that they are the owner of the profile. This includes linking to a reservation phone number or email. However, there are many ways to recover your account, so if you are the creator of the account and are actively using it, with some effort you can regain access and change your password to a new one.

As secondary, but important, recommendations, it should be noted:

  • Location. You use the Internet (home or mobile) from which you access Google and its services most frequently;
  • Browser. Open the recovery page through your usual browser, even if you do it from incognito mode;
  • Device. Start the recovery procedure from the computer, tablet or phone where you used to access Google and services most often.

Since these 3 parameters are constantly fixed (Google always knows from which IPs you are accessing your profile, through which PC or smartphone / tablet, which web browser you are using to do so), it is better not to change your habits if you want to recover the access. Connecting from an unfamiliar place (friends, work, public places) will only reduce the chances of a positive outcome.

Step 1: Login to your account

First of all, you need to confirm the account for which the password recovery will be performed.

  1. Open any Google page where you will have to enter your email address and password. For example, Gmail.
  2. Enter the email that corresponds to your profile and click "Next"..
  3. On the next page, instead of entering the password, click "Did you forget your password?".

Step 2: Enter the old password

First, you will be asked to enter the password that you remember as the last password. In fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be the one that was assigned later than the others: enter any password that has ever been used as a passphrase for your Google account.

If you can't remember any, write at least one guess, like the universal password you use most often. Or, move on to another method.

Step 3: Confirm by phone

Accounts linked to a mobile device or phone number have an additional and perhaps one of the most important form of recovery. There are several ways to proceed in this case.

The first is that you have accessed your account through your mobile device, but you have not linked your phone number to your Google profile:

  • Skip the method if you don't have access to your phone, or agree to receive a push notification from Google with the button "Yes"..
  • Instructions with other steps will appear.
  • Unlock the smartphone screen, connect to the Internet and tap on the pop-up notification "Yes"..
  • If successful, you will be prompted to set a new password and log into your account with those credentials.

Another option. You have made the link with the phone number, and it does not matter if you have connected to the account on your smartphone. The highest priority for Google is to be able to contact the owner through mobile rather than with the Android or iOS device.

  1. Again, you are prompted to switch to another method when there is no connection to the number. If you have access to the phone number, choose one of the two convenient options, but note that SMS can be charged based on the connected rate.
  2. By clicking on. "Challenge".You will need to accept an incoming call from the robot, which will dictate a six-digit code to be entered on the open retrieval page. Get ready to record it as soon as you pick up the handset.

In both cases, you will be asked to create a new password, after which you can start using your account.

Step 4: Enter the account creation date

One of the options to confirm the ownership of the account is the indication of the date of its creation. Of course, not all users remember the year and even less the month, especially if the registration took place several years ago. However, even a roughly correct date increases the chances of successful recovery.

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The article in the link above can only be useful for those who still have access to their account. However, if you don't have one, the task becomes more difficult. It only remains to ask your friends the date of the first email you sent them, if they still have it. In addition, some users can create their Google account at the same time as the purchase date of a mobile device, and these events are remembered with special enthusiasm, or the purchase time can be seen on the receipt.

When the date cannot be remembered in any way, it only remains to provide the approximate year and month or go directly to another method.

Step 5: Use the backup email

Another effective method of password recovery is to specify a backup copy of the email. However, if you don't remember any other information about your account, it won't help you either.

  1. If you have managed to specify an additional email account as a backup when registering / using your Google account, the first two characters of your name and domain will appear immediately, the rest will be covered by asterisks. You will be asked to submit a confirmation code; if you remember the email itself and have access to it, click "Send"..
  2. Users who have not linked another box, but who have filled in at least one of the above methods, are allowed to enter another email, where a special code will also arrive in the future.
  3. Go to the additional email, find an email from Google with a confirmation code. It will be roughly the same content as in the screenshot below.
  4. Enter the numbers in the appropriate field on the password recovery page.
  5. Typically, the chances of Google creating you and offering you a new password to access your account are only high when you specify a previously linked security box, rather than a contact box to which a confirmation code is simply sent. In any case, you can either confirm your ownership or be rejected.

Step 6: Answer a secret question

For older and relatively old Google accounts, this method still works as one of the additional measures to regain access. Those who have recently registered their account will have to skip this step as the secret question is no longer asked lately.

When you have another chance to recover, read the question you specified as the primary question when you created your account. Write your answer in the box below. It is possible that the system will not accept it, in this situation, experiment - start entering several similar words, for example, not "cat", but "cat", and so on.

Depending on the results of the answer to the question, you will be able to restore the profile or not.


As you can see, Google offers quite a few methods to recover a forgotten or lost password. Fill in all the fields carefully and without errors, don't be afraid to rerun the access unlock procedure. Once there are enough matches between the information entered and that stored on Google's servers, the system will permanently unlock it. Most importantly, be sure to set up access by linking your phone number, your reservation email, and / or by linking your account to a trusted mobile device.

This form will appear automatically as soon as you connect with your new password. You can also fill it in or change it later in the Google settings.

Here the possibilities end, and if several attempts fail, unfortunately you will have to deal with the creation of a new profile. It is important to note that Google's technical service does not deal with the recovery of accounts, especially when the user has lost access due to their own fault, so writing to them is usually useless.

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