How to remove apple ID on an iPhone if you forget the password

How to remove apple ID on an iPhone if you forget the password

Method 1: Recover the password

There is no need to delete an Apple ID whose password you have forgotten right away; you must first try to recover it. Therefore, if sufficient attention was paid to the account during its registration and subsequent setup (additional contact details were provided, such as the phone number and backup email address, and a secret question was asked), in the The vast majority of cases can be counted on with a positive result.

There are three main ways to do this: a special form on apple's official website, the iForgot service, available on i devices, and the iTunes software. Each of them is explained in more detail in a separate article on our website.

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Method 2: Third Party Software

You can use third-party software to remove an Apple ID account from your iPhone whose password could not be recovered. In the following example, we will use Tenorshare's 4uKey product, which not only solves the problem we are interested in, but also eliminates screen time and lock passwords.

Download Tenorshare 4uKey from the official website

  1. Download the software from the above link, install and launch it.
  2. Use article "Unlock Apple ID" in the main window.
  3. Connect the iPhone to the computer with the supplied cable and wait for it to appear on the 4uKey interface.

    Final report: If your phone is not recognized by the software, please click the link at the bottom right "Device connected but not recognized". Follow all suggested recommendations, and then repeat the steps above.

  4. Press "Start erase"to get rid of an apple id account whose password has been forgotten.
  5. How to proceed depends on the state of the function «Locator»formerly called "Find the iPhone", – whether it is off or on and set.
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Option 1: "Locator" disabled

Tenorshare 4uKey software will automatically unlock your iPhone without erasing your personal data.

The procedure will not last long. When the notification shown below appears, press the key "Full".Close the program and disconnect the phone from the PC.

Option 2: The "locator" is activated

When the specified feature is active, the subsequent algorithm is determined by the iOS version.

iOS 11.4 and later

To delete your account, you will have to restart your iPhone. Instructions on how to do this will appear on the 4uKey interface, but we will duplicate them additionally.

  1. Without disconnecting the phone from the computer, open it «Settings» and go to section "Basic".
  2. Touch "Reset".
  3. Select "Reset all settings" and confirm this action.

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  4. Along with the reset procedure, the apple ID unlock will also start.
  5. The task is considered resolved when the following notification appears in the software. press the button "Completed." and disconnect iPhone from PC.
  6. How to delete an apple id without knowing the password

iOS 11.3 and lower

The prerequisites for deleting an account on older iPhones using the software in question are that the screen lock password and two-factor authentication are activated. If these features are not active, you will need to set them up first.

  1. Run "Settings". iPhone and go to the section "Touch ID and access code".
  2. Touch "Activate access code".
  3. Make up a six-digit combination for protection and confirm it with the waters.
  4. Go back to the Tenorshare 4uKey window and click "It's already set up.".
  5. The next step is to confirm the two-factor authentication on the device: button "Activated". in the program interface.
  6. This will download the latest firmware version supported by the phone.
  7. When the iOS installation package has been downloaded and verified, you can install it. press the button "Start uninstalling.".

    The iPhone will enter recovery mode and a progress bar will appear on your screen, similar to the software interface.

  8. Once this procedure is complete, the apple ID account will be removed from the device. Use the following options in sequence “Unlock with a password” и "Use device password", and then enter the lock screen password that has been previously set and used. The 4uKey window can be closed by pressing the key "Completed.".

    How to remove an apple ID

Method 3: Trusted Contact (iOS 15 and above)

Important! The following solution is not suitable for cases where the password has already been forgotten. Rather, it is a safeguard for those who have a tendency to forget their login details.

In the current version of the apple mobile operating system, it is possible to add a trusted contact, that is, a user whose device and phone number will be used to restore the account. This person will not have access to your personal data, but can use it to access it again.

Keep in mind. This method is only available for devices running iOS 15 and above. The trusted user must have an apple device and be over 13 years of age.

  1. Open "Settings". iPhone and navigate to the first available section with your Apple ID details.
  2. Select the item «Password and security».
  3. Then tap on “Restore account”.
  4. Click on "Add contact".
  5. Read all the conditions required to activate the function, then use the button “Add contact to restore access”.
  6. Confirm the operation with the scanner "Touch ID" o "Face ID".
  7. Find the contact you want to trust (you can search by phonebook name, mobile number, or apple ID), and then touch "To assign". and confirm the sending of the “invitation”.
  8. Once the selected user has agreed to become a trusted contact, their device can be used to reset their Apple ID password when necessary. You will have the option to generate a unique reset code.

Method 4: Apple Service Center

It is extremely rare, but still it happens that you cannot recover your apple ID password or completely delete this account from your iPhone, neither with the help of official tools offered by the company nor with the help of third-party software. Fortunately, such an unpleasant situation is not always critical: it is quite possible that a solution can be found at an apple certified service center, which is the right place to go.

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