How to remove banner from desktop with HitmanPro Kickstart

How to remove banner from desktop with HitmanPro Kickstart

Previously I have written two instructions - How to remove the banner from the desktop and How to remove the banner (the second has additional ways, including the description of how to get rid of the Windows blocked message that appears even before Windows starts).

Today I came across a program (or even several programs) collectively called HitmanPro, which are designed to combat Malware, Viruses, Adware, and Malware. Although I had not heard of this program, it seems to be quite popular and from what I see, effective. In this article, we are going to take a look at removing the flag from Windows crashes using Hitmanpro Kickstart.

Note: In. Windows 8 did not work

Creating a Hitmanpro Kickstart boot drive

The first thing that is required is to use a working computer (you will have to look for it), go to the official page of HitmanPro and download it:

  • HitmanPro program, if you are going to make a bootable flash drive to remove the banner
  • ISO image with HitmanPro KickStart if you need to burn a bootable disc.

The ISO image is simple: just burn it to a disc.

If you need to burn a bootable flash drive to remove a virus (winlocker), then run the downloaded HitmanPro and click the button with the man flying into it.

Since the program interface is in Russian, the following is simple: connect the flash drive, click "Download" (the components are downloaded from the Internet) and wait for the USB drive to be ready.

Banner removal using created boot drive

Once the disk or flash drive is ready, go back to the locked computer. In BIOS, you have to configure boot from USB stick or disk. Immediately after booting, you will see the following menu:

For Windows 7 it is recommended to choose the first option - Bypass Master Boot Record (MBR), enter 1 and press Enter. If that doesn't work - then go to the second option. To remove the banner in Windows XP, use the third option. Note that if after selecting it a menu appears prompting you to run system restore or to use normal Windows startup, you will need to select normal startup.

After that, you will continue to start your computer, Windows (if necessary, if you have a user selection, select it), a banner will open saying that Windows is blocked and requires sending money to some number, and on it it will be launched our utility - HitmanPro.

In the main window, click "Next" and in the next window, check the box "I will only scan the system once" (and uncheck the subscription box. "Click Next.

The system scan will start, and when finished, you will see a list of threats, including the banner, that have been detected on your computer.

Click "Next" and select "Activate Free License" (valid for 30 days, you need to buy the Hitmanpro key for later use). After successful activation, the program will remove the banner and all you will have to do is restart your computer. Don't forget to boot your computer from a flash drive or boot disk.

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