How to remove green background in Sony Vegas?

Often in movies, especially fantasy ones, I use chromaticism. Chromakey is a green background on which the actors are filmed, and then in the video editor this background is removed and replaced by the desired image. Today we are going to see how to remove the green background in Sony Vegas.

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How to remove green background in Sony Vegas?

1. To get started, load a video with a green background in the video editor on one track, and the video or image you want to overlay on the other track.

2. Next, you have to go to the video effects tab.

3. Here you have to find the "Chroma Key" or "Color Tone Separator" effect (the name of the effect depends on your version of Sony Vegas) and apply it to the video with a green background.

4. In the effect settings, you have to specify which color you want to remove. To do this, click on the palette and use the eyedropper to click on the green color in the preview window. Also, experiment with the settings and move the sliders to get a clearer picture.

5. Now that the green background is not visible and that there is only one specific object left in the video, you can superimpose it on any video or image.

With the "Chroma Key" effect, you can create a lot of interesting and fun videos, just include your imagination. You can also find a lot of chroma futages on the internet that you can use in your montage.

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