How to remove the background from an image in Excel. Within the Excel program there are many options that we are unaware of. One of them is how to remove the background from an image in Excel. Yes, we promise that this option is in Excel, we are not confusing it with Photoshop.

Now, we are going to teach you, step by step, which is what you should do to remove the background from an image in Excel. Are you going to miss it?

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How to remove background from a picture in Excel step by step

To start the tutorial we will need to choose an image. You already have it? Well let's start with our tutorial:

  1. We will import the image through the tab » Insert ", button " Images «
  2. Select the file, click » insert" and ready.
    Insert image in excel

    Insert image in excel

Keep in mind that when you select an image within Excel, a previously hidden tab is shown, the tab » Format". It contains a number of unique features, including our goal. Do the following:

  • Find the tab "Format".
    Image format

    Image format

  • Click on » Remove background ». You will find it in the upper right.
    remove background excel

    Remove background excel


Now Excel will inspect the image and will automatically mark what it considers to be the background. Everything that is not considered background, painted in lilac, will be removed. If you have chosen a simple image and it has solid colors, it will work the first time.

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Mark areas and keep changes

Mark areas and keep changes

If everything is alright and you agree with the selected fund:

  • Click on «Keep changes ». The background will be removed.

If it isn't automatically dialed, don't worry. We have 2 options:

  • "Mark areas to remove » o  "Mark areas to keep."
  •  "Maintain changes" when we are satisfied with the result.

Have you found it very difficult to remove the background from an image in Excel? We hope that with the tutorial everything has been much simpler than you imagined at first. Do not stop reading the article how to convert excel to word to get the most out of all applications.