How to remove "Windows Command Processor" from startup

El processor commands from Windows start the symbol of the system to run any command. Under this action, both system and malicious processes can be hidden: for example, a virus software, a miner or an adware that runs together with the system is activated. That is why, if you do not know what exactly the "Windows command processor" In your case, you can remove the utility from startup and scan the PC for dangerous programs.

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Method 1: remove from startup

It is possible to delete the "Windows command processor" from the start through the app «Task Manager« . Our other article describes in detail how to do this.

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Note that this does not solve the problem of the possible presence of malware, but simply disables the autorun method you have chosen. However, if nothing was found based on the results of the computer scan, it is quite possible that it will be sufficient to simply disable the process using this method.

Method 2: check for viruses

An effective method of getting rid of virus software, including the process of Windows command processor , is to find and remove malware. Also, it is recommended to regularly check the system for virus prevention applications. Instructions for finding and removing dangerous utilities, as well as protecting your computer, can be found on our website.

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Most of the methods are suitable for all current versions of the Windows operating system.

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Method 3: uninstall unnecessary programs

An inattentive user sometimes has utilities and programs on his PC that he did not install on his own. This happens, for example, when modified applications are downloaded from suspicious and unverified sites, in which malware is embedded.

You can remove unnecessary programs (one of which, alone, and you can run the "Windows command processor" ) may use third-party software or system tools. There are also methods to get rid of non-removable software on your PC. Detailed instructions can be found in the materials at the links below on the site.

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After that, you will need to restart your computer and check for the presence of the process in question at startup.

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