How to substitute a phone number in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

How to substitute a phone number in Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

Many Viber users who have had the need to change the phone number that acts as a login to the service assume that this is a complicated procedure. However, the developers of the messenger have provided in it functions that allow the transition to a new identifier almost without problems and without losing the information accumulated during the use of the old SIM card to access the system. This article provides instructions on how to quickly change your phone number in Vibere from an Android device and an iPhone, as well as how to update your own login details in the Windows system client application.

How to change your phone number in Viber

The first thing you have to decide after deciding to change your number in Viber is the need to save the messenger data, or the lack of it. If you need to save personalized information about your profile, chat history, group chat list and public accounts, as well as stickers purchased in the service store, see the first section of this article. But if the information can or should be removed and Viber on your devices seems like it was never used before, the best solution is to follow the recommendations in the second part of the article.

Replacing a number in Viber with the user information intact

Before going on to the instructions that imply the resolution of the task in question in the environment of the three most popular operating systems, let us point out a rather important point to keep in mind if you do not want individuals to find out about the change of your identifier in the information exchange service. Vibere provides automatic notification messages (after completing the changes in the registration data) about the operation carried out to all members of the system who have entered their data in their messaging address book.

The only way to avoid sending such messages to people is to move your contacts to a Vibera "blacklist" before taking the steps that involve replacing the number.

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By completing the change of login in messenger, the specified users can be unblocked without them knowing of the manipulation that you have done.

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Those users who, in addition to the main messaging client on their mobile phone, have installed Viber for Windows and access the functions of the service with its help, the procedure to replace their login should begin by paying a little attention to this particular version of the app.

The feature that involves the resolution of the article title problem is not provided in Viber for PC, which means that you will have to use the application on a mobile phone to achieve the goal. Messenger technical support experts strongly recommend updating the Windows client to the latest version before making changes to the account, to avoid data drops and losses during the transition to a new identifier. Therefore, proceed as follows.

  1. The procedure to update Viber for PC is automatic. The verification of the availability of the new version of the application on the system servers and, if available, the download of the updated components and their installation is carried out each time the client is started in the Windows environment. Thus, the actions that involve the installation of the latest compilation of the application are of two variants:
    • Run Wyber for Windows, if there is an option to update the client version, the update will start automatically. Then you just have to wait for the process to complete.
    • If Viber is already open on your computer, close the application completely and relaunch it.Read more: How to completely exit the Viber application for Windows

      Wait for the messenger update to complete - if this procedure can be done, it will start automatically.

  2. Perform the number change operation in Viber from your mobile phone. To do this, follow one of the instructions that appear below in this article, selecting it according to the operating system that your mobile device runs: Android or iOS.
  3. As a result of the successful replacement of the mobile ID through the messenger on your phone, Viber for Windows will display a notification of the procedure performed. Click on the box that appears "AGREE". - the application will automatically restart and open using the already updated registration data. In addition, the system may ask you to set up a secure connection between Viber for PC and the messaging client of your mobile phone. If a window like the one shown in the following screenshot appears, follow the instructions it contains.
  4. This completes updating the user account details in Viber on your PC, which is confirmed by showing the new phone ID in the header of the application window.


The developers of the Viber client for Android have envisioned two scenarios, after which users can change the main parameter of their account in the information exchange system. In the first of the cases described, it is assumed that only the identifier is changed, but not the device, and in the second, simultaneously with the change of number, a change is made to a new mobile phone (in this case the loss is minimized of information).

Before proceeding with the manipulation, establish a backup copy of the messenger data, or in any case, enter your Google account in the settings of the Viber client-application. How to do this is described in the instructions at the following link.

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Change number in Viber without changing device

  1. Install and configure a new SIM card in a mobile phone with an activated Viber client, or make sure you can receive SMS to the new phone ID using another device Read also: Troubleshooting SMS reception on Android mobile phones
  2. Launch Viber and go to "Settings". section customer "More"available in the menu at the bottom of the main screen of the application.
  3. Open the list of options "Bill". and then press "Change phone number".
  4. Press "Next". in the area of "New telephone number".. Confirm receipt of the alert to send notification of your ID change to other service members by tapping "CONTINUE"..
  5. Enter the new ID in the corresponding field on the screen, remembering to change the country where the mobile operator operates, if necessary. Then press "Next"..
  6. Touch "Yes". in the data entered check box, and then wait for the SMS message whereby the system notifies the activation code.
  7. Open the message and enter the secret combination of digits on the messenger screen with such requirement. After the user successfully passes the identification, the change of the account in Viber is completed automatically, and the service will notify it in the box that appears.
  8. At this point, the task we are considering is considered resolved. Now you can open "More" in the Viber application to verify the effectiveness of the manipulation performed.

Change number in Viber and switch to another device at the same time

Following the steps below will only be effective if you do not change hardware and software platforms, that is, you do not go from Android to iOS. Otherwise, it is impossible to transfer the correspondence history to the new device.

    1. Prepare the Android device on which the messenger will now work by installing a new SIM card in it and configuring it to be able to receive SMS messages and calls.
    2. From the "old" device, follow steps # 2-3 from the previous instruction in this article.
    3. Click the link "back". in the area of "New phone number and new device". Then press "Create a copy." and wait for the backup process to complete. Then return to the previous menu by tapping the arrow in the upper left.
    4. Open the article "Change phone number" on the menu "Bill". again, and then press "WHAT'S MORE" in the penultimate area of ​​the screen. Touching "CONTINUE" In the inquiry box, confirm the sending of notifications of the transaction in progress to all the people who have registered you in their address book.
    5. Enter your new identifier in the box "Phone number". and press "Next".. The account activation procedure is the same as for the first Viber registration. You will receive a code that you must enter on the next screen via SMS or you will receive an incoming call on your mobile phone.
    6. Upon successful completion of the verification procedure, your account ID will be changed. Now you have to take your new Android mobile phone, install the Viber client application, if it has not been done before, and then launch the application.Read more: Install Viber messenger on an Android mobile phone
    7. Activate the messenger on your new phone using your already registered Viber username and entering the SMS code, or requesting a call to the system, in which a secret combination of digits will be dictated. After successful login, a screen will appear with the registration information downloaded from the service (your name, photo) - press the round button with a check mark here.
    8. Next, you will be asked to restore your correspondence history. Click the link "Adjustments." in the area of «Connect with Google Drive» and on the next screen, select the account involved in backing up Viber chats on your old phone (or log into your Google account by switching to "Add Account".Read also: How to add a Google account to your Android device
    9. After signing in to your Google account, tap "Restore now." and wait for the procedure to finish copying the backup data to your messenger.

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  1. After making sure that all important data has been transferred to your new mobile phone, you can uninstall the Viber app from your old device.Read more: How to completely uninstall Viber from your Android mobile phone


As in the Android environment described above, Viber for iOS users have two options for action, which involve a change in the phone number that serves as an identifier in the service as a result of its execution. Following the first algorithm of the two presented below, you only change your account in the system, and following the second, you simultaneously "transfer" the messenger with the correspondence history to another Apple mobile phone.

How to change number in Viber without switching to another iPhone

  1. Install a new SIM card in iPhones with Viber enabled and check its operation (necessary to ensure smooth reception of SMS messages) .Read also: What to do if you do not receive SMS messages on your iPhone
  2. Launch Viber for iOS and open it "Settings".. It is available in the menu "Plus". delivery courier.
  3. Click on "Bill". in the options menu, and then select "Change the phone number." on the screen that appears.
  4. In the upper area, press "New telephone number". and touching "Keep going"., confirm receipt of the toast notification that other Viber members will receive a message about your actions.
  5. Then (if necessary) change the country in which your (new) cellular service provider operates and enter the value of the mobile ID in the corresponding field on the screen. After checking the entered data, press "Keep going". and confirm that the information provided to the system is correct.
  6. Wait for a text message with the security code on your iPhone. Open the message and enter the received number combination on the messenger screen.
  7. Once identified, the number change is completed automatically, and you just have to wait a bit for the notification box about the positive result of the procedure to appear, where you have to touch "AGREE"..

Change number in Viber and switch to another iPhone at the same time

Effective use of the following instruction requires that initially, using the same AppleID on the old and new iPhone, the iCloud login is performed, and the Viber client for iOS to be 'transferred' to another device has a backup of your chat history. The new SIM card can be installed and configured immediately in the mobile phone, which will be used to access the messenger in the future.

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  1. Ir a "Settings". Viber for iPhone, open the section "Bill". and press "Change the phone number.".
  2. Tap the link. "back". in the penultimate area of ​​the screen that describes the option "New phone number and new device". Then press Create now. and wait for the information to be copied to the backup, then press "Done". at the top right.
  3. Execute the function "New phone number and new device"and then confirm the system request by tapping "Keep going"..
  4. Enter the values ​​of the new mobile identification in the field on the screen, having previously verified that the country code selected by the system is correct. Press to start the activation process "Keep going"..
  5. Enter the activation code that you have received by SMS or after a call request and wait for the changes to be completed in your Viber account.
  6. Get another iPhone (new), install the messaging client on it in the way you prefer. Launch the app Read More: How to Install Viber on iPhone
  7. Enter the value of the activated phone number on the "old" device and redo the user identification procedure in the system.
  8. Once the verification is complete, the messenger will show a screen with your registration data (photo, name, date of birth), which you can modify or save if you wish. Click here "Done".
  9. Next, Viber asks you to transfer the data from the previously created backup to the program on the new device. Press "Restore now." and wait for the procedure to finish downloading the information to the iPhone.
  10. Following the steps above, the Viber screen will open "Cats".It contains the information generated before the transition to the new ID in the information exchange system and the iPhone.
  11. After making sure that all the necessary information is present in Viber on your new device, uninstall the messenger from your old mobile phone.Read more: Uninstall the Viber client application from your iPhone

Replacing a number in Viber without saving user information

If the task of saving the data sent and received through the messenger or saved in the system previously is not in front of you (for example, when you want to start using Viber services "from scratch"), it is correct to follow the path suggested below. Each step of the following algorithm has been described in the articles on our site, you just have to click on the links and follow the instructions depending on the operating system of your device.

  1. Deactivate the previously used Wyber account by activating the function provided in the mobile version of the messenger Read more: How to delete a Viber messenger account
  2. Uninstall the Viber application from your mobile phone to clean the device storage of the data that has become unnecessary. In case you have messenger on your computer, follow the procedure to uninstall it as well.Read more:
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    How to uninstall Viber for Windows from your computer
  3. Install and activate the Viber app on your Android phone or iPhone Read more:
    Install Viber messenger on an Android mobile phone
    Install Viber messenger on iPhone
  4. Install Viber for Windows if necessary and sync this app with your mobile phone client Read more:
    Installing the Viber application for PC
    Synchronization of Viber for PC with the messenger of your mobile phone


As you can see, the creators of all variants of the Viber client applications have envisaged in them a virtually "painless" change of the phone number used to access the user information exchange system. It is important not to forget the need to make a backup copy of the information if the data accumulated during the use of the messenger is valuable and may be necessary in the future.

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