How to restart Windows 8

It seems that there is nothing easier than rebooting the system. But because Windows 8 has a new interface -Metro- many users have doubts about this process. After all, in the usual place on the menu "Start" There is no off button. Our article will show you some ways to restart your computer.

How to reboot Windows 8 system

In this operating system, the shutdown button is well hidden, so many users get confused by this complicated process. Rebooting the system is not difficult, but if you are facing Windows 8 for the first time, it may take some time. So to save you time, we will tell you how to restart your system quickly and easily.

Method 1: Use the "Charms" panel

The most obvious way to restart the PC is to use the pop-up side buttons of the charms (the "Charms".«). Call it with the key combination Win + I. On the right is a panel with the name "Options".where you will find the off button. Press it - the context menu will appear, containing the necessary item - "Restart"..

Method 2: Hot Keys

You can also use the well-known shortcut Alt + F4. If you press these keys on the Desktop, the PC shutdown menu will appear. Select item "Restart". from the drop-down menu and press "AGREE"..

Method 3: Win + X Menu

Another way is to use a menu, through which you can invoke the most necessary tools to work with the system. It can be accessed by pressing a combination of the following keys Win + X. Here you will find many tools gathered in one place and you will also find the article «Shut down or log out». Press it and select the desired action from the pop-up menu.

Method 4: Through the lock screen

It is not the most popular method, but it also has its place. On the lock screen, you can also find the power management button and restart the computer. Just click on it in the lower right corner and select the desired action from the pop-up menu.

Now you know at least 4 ways to restart your system. All of them are pretty straightforward and easy to use, and you can apply them in many different situations. We hope you have learned something new from this article and that you have a better understanding of the Metro user interface.

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