How to restore a deleted app

How to restore a deleted app

Every day we interact with dozens of different applications on our devices. Now there really is for all eventualities and, browsing in the right shops, we always discover new and interesting ones. Some of them have become an essential part of our lives (for work or even just for hobbies), while others end up being forgotten or uninstalled.

However, sometimes it happens that an important application is accidentally deleted, or it may simply be useful to reinstall it to recover previous data.
In this guide we will explain how to restore an applicationboth on Windows, Android and iOS.

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Restore Windows 10 apps

In Windows there has been, for some versions, an application store as in mobile operating systems; there really are applications for all tastes, and some of them are capable of replacing the programs or websites that we were used to before.
Anyway, here's how to restore an app from the Microsoft store.

  • Open the application Microsoft Store (In case you can't find it, use the search bar).
  • In the upper right corner of the main screen, click on the three dots and then on the «My collection«.
  • A new window will open with all the applications installed on your PC and all those associated with your Microsoft account; locate the application you want to restore and select the button «Install" on the right.

Restore the iOS app

The operating system that has most popularized the concept of apps is undoubtedly iOS, since the launch of the first version of the iPhone.
The App Store is the digital market par excellence, often hosting exclusives that other stores can only show off with a delay.
Here's how to restore app data on iOS.

  • Open theApp Store.
  • Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
  • First click on «Shopping»And then go to the«Not on the iPhone«.
  • Next, you will see all the installed applications and, in general, those associated with your account. Find the application that interests you and click on the cloud icon to proceed with the installation.

Restore the Android application

The Google store has grown so much over the years that even the biggest software companies have decided to make Android apps and even show off some exclusive ones. The difference between the Google store and Apple's is now at an all-time low, with almost none of the most popular apps on the planet missing.
To restore an application from the Play Store, you just have to follow the following steps.

  • Open the Play Store.
  • Swipe right to open the pop-up menu and select the option «My applications and games«.
  • In the new screen, select the option «Collection«.
  • Now you will see all the applications associated with your Google account; find the one that interests you and click on «Install«.

Speaking of the Play Store, you may be interested in this article in which we explain how to view the list of installed apps on Android.

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