How to restore Viber on your mobile phone after deleting it

How to restore Viber on your mobile phone after deleting it

If you have accidentally deleted the Viber application from your Android or iPhone mobile phone and are concerned about the security of the information accumulated during the life of the system, do not rush to despair. You can almost always restore Viber on your phone in just a couple of minutes and keep using it. In this article, we will see the options you can take to return the messenger to the state before it was uninstalled.

How to restore Viber from your phone that has been deleted

Uninstalled or eg deleted when factory resetting your mobile phone, it will restore the Viber app in any case, also your account remains intact after deleting the client. But the content of chats can only be restored under a certain condition: backup copies. For this reason, we remind you once again of the importance of backing up the courier's information, if the information generated during the client's use of the system is of any value to you.

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Viber for Android, as long as you have previously customized the application completely, it can return to your mobile phone practically as it was at the time of deletion.

Method 1: Restore immediately after uninstalling

The following instruction is the fastest way to restore the client application and chat contents, with minimal steps. It assumes that Google services are present and working on the mobile phone and that no operation, such as logging out of the Google account or changing it, has been performed in the Android environment after uninstalling the messenger.

    1. Open Google Play Market. Next, open the Store app menu by tapping on the three dashes at the top left and tapping on it «My applications and games»..

    1. Click on the tab "Library".. Scroll through the list of programs that you have previously installed with your Google account and search "Viber: calls and messages"..
    2. [Click the button] "Install". next to the name of the messenger and wait for the application to download and install on your mobile phone.
    3. Start Wyber by pressing "OPENED". in the last screen of the Installation Tool, or by clicking on the new "Desk". I in the "Applications menu". icon. On the messenger welcome screen, tap "Next"..
    4. If you followed the steps above shortly after uninstalling Vibera, your authorization service will automatically "remember" your previously used ID and paste it into the correct field on the screen. Press "Next".and then "Yes". in the query box. Normally it will not be necessary to enter an SMS code in this situation, but if the secret combination is requested, request it and enter it in the corresponding field.

  1. Touch the check mark button, confirming that your registration details are correct. On the next screen (it will not appear if you have not previously configured a backup in the messenger), press "Restore now." and wait for the chat history backup file to download and be processed by the app.
  2. Give the application all the necessary permissions, confirming or rejecting the incoming requests.
  3. That's basically it - Viber has been restored to the Android environment and is ready for use. The only thing is that if you have previously changed «Settings» client application, the configuration will have to be done again.More information: How to configure the Viber application on your Android mobile phone

Method 2: Restore after Android Restart or Replace Device

If Viber has been removed from your device as a result of severe manipulation of the Android operating system or you want to restore the messenger on another device, the algorithm of actions will be slightly different from the one suggested above.

  1. Install the Viber client application for Android in the way you prefer Read more: Ways to install Viber messenger in Android environment

    The easiest way to install is by following steps 1 to 3 of the previous instructions on how to restore messenger in this article, but first authorizing on Google Play using the account you used before.

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  2. Start the messenger and follow the authorization procedure Read more: How to log in to the Viber application for Android

    In the case of Viber, the login is similar to the registration, only you will not have to customize your account: the profile data will be downloaded from the server.

  3. If you need to restore your chat history, follow the link below and follow the instructions in the article that opens.

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Viber on the iPhone is no more difficult to restore than in the Android environment described above, and one of the two slightly different algorithms is also possible here.

Method 1: Restore immediately after erasure

First of all, let's take a look at the easiest and fastest way to restore messenger. If you have not signed out of the Apple ID on your iPhone or have changed your account in the "Apple" ecosystem after removing Viber, the instructions are as follows.

  1. Open "App Store", tap at the top right of your Apple Services profile picture. Then press "Shopping". on the screen that opens.
  2. Scroll through the list of all the shows you've received with your Apple ID, search "Viber Messenger".. Click on the cloud of arrows to the right of the messenger's name.
  3. Wait for the icon «to rotate» "Download". On the button. "OPENED" and touch it. You can also close the app store when the installation is complete and launch Viber by tapping the icon that has reappeared on the iPhone desktop.
  4. On the screen. Welcome to Viber. click on "Keep going".. Your phone number previously used as the messenger login will be automatically inserted in the field on the next screen, here again press "Keep going".. Then confirm that the ID is correct by pressing "Yes". in the query box.
  5. If you are going to restore Viber on your iPhone immediately after deleting it, a screen will appear with the profile data loaded from the system, tap "Done". in the upper right. If a long time has elapsed after uninstalling the program in question, you may have to enter the combination of numbers sent by the system via SMS.
  6. The last step is to restore the chat history. A screen will automatically open asking you to return your correspondence to its place if you have previously backed up to Viber. Press "Restore now." and wait for the operation to complete.
  7. This completes the messenger recovery, but keep in mind that you will have to reconfigure the client software Read more: How to set up the Viber app on the iPhone

Method 2: Restore after erasing iOS content and settings or switching to a new iPhone

To restore a deleted Viber after the processes that cause, among other things, the unlinking of the iPhone from the Apple ID, it is important to take into account the factor of the previously established relationship between the messaging program and the account in the services of the giant of Cupertino.

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  1. On your iPhone, authenticate to iCloud with the Apple ID you used while running the uninstalled messaging program Read more: How to sign in to iCloud on iPhone

    If the login to the Apple ecosystem is already done, for example, when activating the device, check the match of the account.

  2. Install the messenger, by the method you normally use Read more: Ways to install Viber messenger on the iPhone
  3. Launch Viber for iOS and follow the registration procedure (in our case, authorization) Read more: How to register in Viber for iPhone
  4. When you get to the screen with your registration data, press "Done". above and then follow steps 5-6 from the above suggested instruction to restore Viber in iOS environment.


As you can see, the mobile variants of Viber can be returned to your device by any user following a few simple steps, and it is practically independent of the situation in which the application was removed. The fact that the recovery of correspondence requires preventive measures for its realization should not cause outrage - all those who do not care about the issue of preservation of important information for themselves, sooner or later find their loss, and This applies not only to the information of the considered courier.

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