How to view apps in a list with Spotlight.

En iOS 7, as many users have already noticed, the well-known search service Spotlight has been moved to a different location and is now summoned by swiping down instead of left. The system notifies the device owner about this immediately after installation, but does not report an interesting undocumented option.

How to use Spotlight on iPhone

That is, how to see all installed apps in spotlight like a list. Previously, not everyone liked to use search in iOS, as they had to scroll and scroll for a long time, reaching the far left of the workspace.

Now Spotlight he's moved on from this place and it's become as easy as shelling pears to call him with a swipe down. It is convenient if several hundred applications are installed on the device: no more wasting time scrolling page after page looking for what you are looking for.

It is simple: if you put a dot in the search bar, it will display a list of all the applications that are installed on the system. The names of those in the folders will be displayed in small print on the right. It becomes much easier to find and execute what you need, although an ideal method cannot be called, since the lines in this list are not sorted alphabetically. Below the attachments are also music lists and recent emails.

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