How to send videos through Viber for Android, iOS and Windows

How to send videos through Viber for Android, iOS and Windows


In fact, all popular instant messengers allow their users to transfer video files between each other and Viber is of course no exception. In the course of the next article, we will look at the practical side of the process of sending data of this type and we will tell you how to send video to people registered in the system from an Android device, iPhone and Windows PC.

How to send video through Viber

Regardless of the version of the client application used to access Viber, sending almost any video file is easy to organize, but in some cases you will have to overcome the restrictions imposed by the information exchange system; this applies to records that exceed 200MB.

Please note that all content submission methods described later in the article assume that the recipient of the data is entered into the sender's address book.


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Viber for Android users can use a bunch of tools to send videos to their contacts. First of all, these are the functions provided in the messaging application, but in certain situations it is advisable to use the tools integrated in the OS, as well as third-party software.

Method 1: Messenger Toolkit

In the Viber application for Android itself, there is not the only option that allows you to solve the problem from the title of the article; We will consider the opportunities provided to all users in order. To get started, launch the messenger and enter into a dialogue with the recipient of the multimedia message or open a group chat where you plan to send a particular video.


Next, select the desired shipping type and configure it, acting according to one of the following instructions.

Video message

  1. To record a short video clip (up to 20 seconds) with the device's front camera, press and hold the button. "Play" located near the message input field.
  2. As soon as the button indicated in the previous paragraph is released, the recording will stop and immediately it will automatically go to chat. 
  3. If in the process of creating a video message it is necessary to cancel this operation - move your finger holding the button. "Play" to the left - the already fixed scene is instantly destroyed.

Create a video using the device's camera and send it

  1. Below area "Write a message …" On the chat screen in Viber for Android you will find the attachment selection menu. Click here on the icon "Camera" .
  2. If necessary, change the camera module used (front or main) using the arrow buttons on the screen that opens. Next, we start recording a video by pressing and holding the button "Shutter" .
  3. At the time of completion of the action on the button, the creation of the video is completed. Then you can add a description to the message, activate (tap on the icon "Chronometer" ) the option to self-destruct the message after the recipient has seen it, watch the video before sending it.
  4. Once the execution of the instructions listed in the previous paragraph has been completed, click on the button "Paper plane" , initiating the transfer of the record to the recipient (s).

Gallery video (compressed)

The result of sending content according to the following instruction is the display of a multimedia message in the form of a video preview on the recipient's messenger, which you can play directly in the Viber application. In some cases, it should be noted that the roller is subject to significant compression during transmission.

  1. Toca "Camera" in the message attachment selection menu. On the next screen, tap the icon Gallery located in the lower right.
  2. Go to the tab "VIDEO" , find the video sent via Viber and click on its preview.
  3. Then, if you want, we watch the video, add a description to it and, if necessary, activate the self-destruct option of the generated message after the recipient has seen it.
  4. We hit the button "Send" and we wait for the upload of the video file to the chat to complete.

Video "file" sending (uncompressed)

If it is necessary to send a video file through Viber "as is", that is, without compression, the sending should be done using the following method. The application of the instructions by the sender will allow the recipient to download the content to their device in its original form and in the future to perform various manipulations with it.

  1. Click on "..." below the message input field on the chat screen. In the menu that opens, select "Send file" .
  2. Go to the directory containing the uploaded video and tap its name. If the size of the submission exceeds 50MB, a warning window will appear where you need to tap "CONTINUE" .
  3. We are waiting for the file to be uploaded, it will be delivered to the recipient very soon.

Method 2: file managers

In the Android environment, applications from completely different addresses can interact quite closely with each other by transferring files of various types to each other. Very often, the user initiates such information exchange by activating the function "Send" ( "Share" ) provided by the developers of the mobile operating system; We use it to solve the problem of sending video files through Viber.

The following instruction is executable from any file manager for Android and other types of applications that can interact in some way with video files, the main thing is to understand the principle of operation using the proposed method. For an example and a demonstration of the specific steps that precede data transfer via messenger, the file manager is used below Archives of Google.

  1. Start "To explore" for Android and follow the path to the location of the video file sent via Viber.
  2. Then select the video by long pressing its thumbnail / name and tap on the icon "Send" at the top of the screen. Among other things, the administrator of "Files" provides the ability to open a video file, so that you can start playback with a short touch and touch the player screen to start sending the recording to the interface element.
  3. On the menu «Send files» to be displays at the bottom of the screen , we found the icon "Viber" and we click on it.
  4. On the screen with «Forward to» from messenger started with a chat list, mark the name of the video recipient or set marks next to multiple contacts. If the dialogue with the recipient of the video has not yet taken place, it should be attempting and mark on the list «Contacts» through the field "Search" . Then click the button "Send" .
  5. After a while, the multimedia message will be delivered to the recipient and they will be able to view the received video.

Method 3: send a link to the video

Today, there is no special need to "keep" video files in the memory of a mobile device for users who have the ability to constantly access the Internet. In order to store "your" records, "clouds" are increasingly used, and viewing of "someone else's" content is always available on video hosting sites, on social media and other Internet services. Similar.

Internet resource videos

The following techniques allow you to share video content through Viber that is freely available on the Internet and without uploading it to your smartphone storage.

  1. The simplest way to use Viber to show any video posted on the Internet to another messaging participant includes just three simple steps.
      • Open the resource containing the video in any Android browser and copy the content of the browser's address bar to the clipboard of the mobile operating system.


    • Go to Viber, open a dialogue with the recipient of the content, paste the link from the clipboard into the input field of the message and tap the button "Send" .
    • Videos from individual video hosting sites, sent via a link, can be viewed by the recipient directly in the Viber app.
  2. If a video you want to share is not viewed through a browser, but through an Android app:
      • We look for the element "Share" in the interface of the software used and we touch it. Target button / menu item may look different (on screenshots: YouTube, VKontakte, and Twitch):

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    • select "Viber" in the area of ​​the screen that shows the list of available recipient services.
    • In the opened messenger, mark the recipient of the video, then click "Send" .

Cloud services

To send a video file through Viber, whose size exceeds the maximum allowed for transmission (200 MB), you will need to include a "middle man" in the process: any cloud storage. To demonstrate the solution to our problem, we will use Google Drive, whose access for personal purposes is provided by default to all Google account owners, that is, the vast majority of Android users.

  1. If it is not installed, install the cloud client application from the Google Play Store. We open the application, we log in to it when we receive this request.
  2. We upload the video file to be transferred through the messenger to the cloud storage. For this:
      • Go to the tab "Files" tapping the corresponding icon in the Drive sections panel. Click in the lower right corner of the screen "+" , select "Carry" on the menu «New object» . We follow the path of the location of the video file in the memory of the smartphone, touch its name.


    • Next, we are waiting for the upload of the object to the cloud storage to complete.
  3. Click on the three dots located vertically near the name of the video previously placed on Google Drive and now streamed through Viber. In the menu that opens, select the option "Link access is disabled." - this action will open the possibility to view and download the file to all users to whom a link will be sent. Once again, open the context menu of the downloaded file and tap «Copy link» in the .


  4. We open the messenger, we go to the chat with the recipient of the video and by long pressing in the area to write a message, we call the menu where you must select "Insert" . To complete the procedure to transfer the link via Viber, click "Send" .
  5. At this point, the task of sending a video file can be considered solved. After opening the message, the recipient will follow the link and as a result will have access to view and download the recording.


One of several different approaches is used to implement the procedure to transfer videos through Viber to iPhone. First of all, Apple device owners use the messenger's own tools: it is enough to achieve the most specific goals, but one of the iOS functions and third-party software can also be used to solve the problem.

Method 1: Messenger Toolkit

In the process of correspondence through Viber, the transition to send a video to the interlocutor can be done at any time. We launch the messenger, we open a dialogue or a group with the recipient of the content and, depending on the type of video that is being sent, we execute one of the following instructions.


Video message

  1. To record a short video message (maximum duration - 20 seconds) using the front camera of the iPhone, you must press the round button located next to the field "Write a message …" and hold it down until the video ends.
  2. As soon as the impact on the interface element that starts the recording ends, the message is automatically transferred to the chat or group.
  3. If during video recording it is necessary to interrupt the operation and cancel the sending of the message, you must move the button "Engrave" to the left while continuing to press it.

Upload video from gallery (with compression)

The following instruction is a standard solution to the problem of transferring videos through Viber and as a result of its application, the recipient will receive compressed content available for viewing in the messaging application.

  1. Click on the icon "Camera" below the text message input field. On the module screen "Camera" initiated , touch the icon "Gallery" . Next, you need to find the video and tap on its thumbnail. Here it is possible to select multiple records for simultaneous delivery (up to 20 for one shipment) by tapping their previews one by one. After completing your selection, click "Finalizar" at the top of the screen on the right.
  2. Then, it is possible to trim the video by moving the sliders on the image of the video sequence, add a description and activate the option to auto-destroy the message after the recipient has seen it using the button "Chronometer" . After completing the manipulations, touch "Send" .
  3. After a while, the video message will be delivered to the recipient and they will be able to view it.

Create a video with the iPhone camera and send it

Without leaving the Viber program for iOS, it is possible to implement the sending of a captured video in the process of matching with the camera of a smartphone.

  1. We call the "Camera" from the menu to select a file attached to the message, on the screen that opens, press thebutton. "Shutter" and hold it down.
  2. We fix what's happening in real time, without stopping the impact on the video record button until the video creation is finished. The next step is optional: view, crop and activate (if necessary) the self-destruct option for the message.
  3. We press "Send" , after which we wait for the uploading of the video to the service and the delivery of the shipment to the addressee.

Uncompressed video sending

To ensure the delivery of a video file from the iPhone memory to a person registered in Viber, without violating its "original" appearance, that is, without compression, the option «Transfer file» it must be enabled in the messenger. The size of the file to be sent must not exceed 200 MB!

  1. Click on "..." under the field "Write a message …" . In the menu that opens, select "Send file without compression" .
  2. Click on the preview of the video sent, finding it in the list «All photos» . It is also possible to select multiple files to send as a batch. Then click "Finalizar" . If necessary, we trim the record (s), after which we send them by pressing the button "Paper plane" .
  3. We are waiting for the completion of the data upload from the iPhone storage and the delivery of the video to the recipient.

Method 2: "Share" option

To send a video file to a registered Viber user, you don't actually need to open the messenger in advance. iOS is equipped with the function "Share" , which can be called, among other things, to solve our problem, while working with videos (visualization, organization) in various applications.

Later in the examples, we will send a video from two programs - "Fotos" pre-installed on iPhone and file manager for iOS - Readdle Docs.

Photography program

  1. We launched Apple's proprietary media file viewer / organizer and then opened the album containing the videos scheduled for streaming via Viber.
  2. Click on "To select" at the top of the screen and then tap on the preview of the videos, setting marks on them. After selecting everything submitted, click the icon "Share" located at the bottom of the screen on the left. If there is only one video to transfer, it can be viewed before sending it - tap the thumbnail and start playback. Then click on the icon "Share" located in the lower left corner of the screen.


  3. As a result of performing the previous steps, a menu of actions applicable to the selected records will be displayed. Scroll the list to the left to find the icon "Viber" and touch it.If there is no messaging icon among others in the menu, activate its screen. To do this, click the button "More" , then, on the screen that opens, move the switch located near the item "Viber" to position "Switched on" . We save the changes by touching "Finalize" .


  4. Next, we select the recipient of the content in the list of previously opened chats or in the address book that shows the launched Viber by tapping "Search" . We touch the username and then confirm the request received. As a result, the sending of the objects marked in step 2 of this instruction will begin immediately, waiting for its completion.

File Manager

Those who have mastered the working principles of file managers for iOS from third-party developers, probably found the item "Share" in the interface of these programs. By adopting the technique described below, users can easily use this feature to send a video file through Viber directly from the "Explorer" .

  1. We launched the file manager for iOS and used it to open the directory that contains the videos sent through the messenger.
  2. Call up the file menu by tapping the three dots next to its name or in the preview area. Then we touch "Share" in the displayed menu.If you need to send multiple media files through Viber at the same time, we act a little differently. We touch "Change" At the top of the screen, we mark all the files that are planned to be sent. To go to the procedure for uploading objects to Messenger, click "More" from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and then touch "Share" in the action selection panel that is displayed.


  3. Now we carry out points 3 and 4 of the previous instructions in this material.

Method 3: send a link to the video

Since the Internet services available to everyone today allow you to store content outside the memory of the device used for watching videos, in order to effectively solve the problem from the title of the article, you can transfer via Viber not a file of recording, but a link to its source.

Free access to videos from Internet resources

  1. To demonstrate the video posted on the Internet to the interlocutor on Viber:
    • Open the web page containing the post in any iOS browser (in the example, Safari "standard" ).
    • By long pressing the address bar of the browser, we call the menu, where we press "Copy" .
    • Go to the messenger, open a chat with the recipient of the content. Click on the field "Write a message …" and do not stop influencing until the button appears "Insert" - we touch this element.
    • We hit the button "Send" , after which the user who received the link will be able to follow it and view the video from their device.
  2. If a video that you want to share with a person registered in Viber is in an iOS application that offers viewing of content from a service (video hosting, social network, etc.):
    • On the application screen with a demo of the recording, we find the item (button, link, menu item) "Share" and we touch it.
    • select "Viber" in the menu of possible recipients.
    • Next, we indicate the recipient of the open messenger and confirm our intentions to share the content by tapping "Yes" in the request window.

Cloud services

Users of any cloud service can successfully use this type of modern information storage to send absolutely any video file through Viber. The approach described below is perhaps the only one that allows you to circumvent the restriction on transferring large data (200MB or more) set in the information exchange system.

In the following instructions, the Dropbox client application is used as a "mediator" when transferring a file via messenger, but the algorithm considered is also effective when other "clouds" are used.

  1. Download it from the App Store and install the cloud storage client program on the iPhone. (You can manipulate the service and through the browser, but working in the app is much more convenient.) Download Dropbox for iPhone from the Apple App Store
  2. Launch Dropbox for iOS, log into the system (if you don't have an account, sign up). Upload video from iPhone memory to cloud storage Learn more: how to use Dropbox
  3. Go to the directory containing the video file to send, click the button "..." located next to the name of the recording or below its preview. In the menu that opens, touch «Copy link» .
  4. In the list of available means to send a file, touch the icon "Viber" . It remains to select the recipient of the link in the messenger by tapping their name in the list of open dialog boxes or «Contacts» , and then confirm the application request.
  5. The result of the operation performed is the receipt of the message by the recipient, which means that the recipient has the opportunity to follow the link and play the video in the browser or download its source file to the memory of their device.


To transfer videos via Viber for Windows, the user of this application can use more than the only method, however, it should be noted that when using all "standard" solutions (except the one described in the instructions «Method 4« more below), the size of the submission must not exceed 200 MB.

Method 1: Messenger Toolkit

The fastest way to transfer video content contained on a PC / laptop disc via Viber consists of only four steps.

  1. We launch the Viber client application on a PC and go to a chat with the recipient of the video recording.
  2. Click the sign "+" located below the text message input field.
  3. In the window "Send file" that opens , go to the folder where the video file sent via messenger is stored, select it and click on "Open" .
  4. We are waiting for the download of the multimedia message and the completion of its delivery to the recipient.

Способ 2: «Drag and drop»

Any file can be attached to a message sent via Messenger by simply dragging it into the Viber application window.

  1. In Viber for PC, open a chat, group, or community where the video is directed.
  2. Through the  Windows Explorer, open the directory that contains the shipment.
  3. Drag the file from "Explorer" to the area of ​​the messenger window, which shows the history of correspondence with the recipient of the multimedia message.
  4. As soon as the mouse button that grabbed the video file and placed it over the Viber window is released, the recording will be sent to the recipient.

Method 3: file context menu

Sometimes it is convenient to transfer data of this type through Viber by calling the function "Send" built into Windows.

  1. Open the folder that contains the video file to be sent and right-click on its icon. Go to section "Send" from the menu that opens and click "Viber" .
  2. In the window that displays the started messenger, check one or more names of the video recipients. Then click "Share" .
  3. The result of the operation performed will be the same as when applying the other methods of sending video through Viber discussed above: the recipient has the opportunity to play the video.

Method 4: link to video

The only functional way to send a file larger than the allowed volume for transmission through Viber is to include a "middle man" in the sending process, represented by any cloud storage. Let's consider the procedure for sending a video file larger than 200MB using Yandex.Disk. Users of other cloud storage services can act in a similar way as suggested below.

See also: Yandex.Disk log

  1. We upload the media file intended for transfer to the person registered in Viber to the cloud storage Read more: How to upload a video to Yandex.Disk
  2. Go to the videos folder in Yandex.Disk and right-click on the file you are sending. Select option "Share" in the menu that opens.
  3. Now click on «Copy link» .
  4. Go to the Viber application and paste the contents of the clipboard into the input field of the message addressed to the recipient of the video file. Click the send message button.
  5. As a result, a link to the video becomes available to another user, which means that they have the opportunity to navigate through it and thus gain access to the record.


Internet resource videos

Copying and pasting links to a content source in a message sent via messenger can be used successfully not only to send your own video files, but also to show other Viber participants an interesting and useful video posted on various Internet resources (video hosting, social networks, etc.)

  1. We open a web page in the browser where a video worthy of the attention of our interlocutor is published.
  2. Copy the link from the browser's address bar to the Windows clipboard.
  3. Insert the address in the input field of the message transmitted via Viber and send the link to the recipient. 


Any Viber user, regardless of the device they use, is not the only way to send video content to their contacts. This makes it possible to send absolutely any file of the considered type without much trouble and effort.