How to share a story on Instagram

Method 1: Send to private messages

The easiest method to create a repost from stories on Instagram It boils down to using the «Share to».available while browsing the desired content on the official mobile application or on the website of the social network. In any case, the location will be a personal or group correspondence in Direct, where privacy settings play an important role.

Option 1: Application

    1. When the mobile client, which has much better storage than the desktop version, the first thing to do is open the desired material in any convenient way. This is usually done via a separate block on the home page, but it is also possible to tap on the photo on the personal profile page.
    2. Once you are in the history viewer, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, and in the pop-up window, use the option «Share to». You can also access the desired menu by clicking on the airplane icon next to the text field "Send Message"..

  1. Whichever option you choose, just click on the icon "Chats" from the list of available places and confirm the forwarding of the content with the button "Send". in front of the username. In the same section you can present the dialogues themselves, which allow you to send a message without further confirmation.

Option 2: Website

    1. To complete the task on the website of the social network in question, open the media to see the desired contact. As in the app, you can use a block on the home page or a photo of the user when visiting their personal profile for this purpose.
    2. In this case, you can expand the rerun creation window only with the airplane icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In general, despite the location, the button is not connected in any way with the text field.

    1. In the pop-up window "Share" fill in the text field "TO". based on the names of the users to whom the selected publication should be forwarded. The main difference with respect to the application is the possibility of making a list of pages, which in the future will lead to the simultaneous sending of messages, ensuring that there are not even small discrepancies in time.
    2. Before submitting a post, you can add a plain text comment in the field "Write a message". To complete the procedure, use the button at the bottom "Send". and make sure the new entry appears in the selected direct chat.

If you cannot follow this procedure because you cannot see the airplane icon and option in the advanced menu, it is most likely due to the author's privacy settings. Unfortunately, at present it is not possible to circumvent these restrictions, apart from the rather specific solution of the last instruction method.

Method 2: Create a response story

Through the official Instagram application, forwarding can also be done in reverse order, using a history of your personal correspondence as a basis. However, this option will only be available when working with automated messages that arrive when a mention of your profile is detected as part of someone else's post.

    1. From the home page of the mobile social network client, click the Direct icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the dialogue with the author of the desired story. Messages that contain a mention always have a corresponding label.
    2. You can click the big button to instantly go to create a reply message "Fill in the story" or hold the input for a few seconds. It is also possible to view the history in the usual way, similar to the home tab block, by tapping once on the content, where there is an identical option at the bottom.
    3. As a separate option, it must be taken into account that the notification not only arrives in the internal messenger, but is also displayed on the page with any other notification. It can also be used to quickly open a history.
    4. After pressing the previous button, the usual new story editor will be displayed, but with the publication already integrated. This entry is easily edited with the usual gestures, while the background itself, unfortunately, cannot be changed, but stickers with additional images can be added.

Once you have finished making changes, publish with the button "Your history". or selecting users from a list "Recipients".. This will cause the author of the original story to receive a counter notification, but without the option to create a reply.

Method 3: Reissue the story

There are times when you want to republish a story, but your account is mentioned or just a button "Share". they are not present in the original post so all related features are inaccessible. The only way around these restrictions is to simply copy the entry using the standard or third-party tools of your choice.

Option 1: Standard tools

The social network application allows you to download and republish stories regardless of content, but with some caveats. In particular, the procedure for downloading foreign material into the memory of the device is usually limited and, therefore, auxiliary tools in the form of online services would continue to be necessary.

Further information: Save other people's stories on Instagram

As a last resort, you can always use the standard functions of your mobile phone to create a screenshot with a static story, which will produce more or less the same result. The subject has been covered in more detail in another tutorial on the site.

Option 2: Third-party apps

There are a large number of Instagram applications, both paid and free, that offer the possibility of creating reposts, which is totally relevant for stories. Unlike self-publishing, in this case a single application that allows copying and exporting would suffice.

Download Repost It! from Google Play Market

    1. As an example, we will focus on an application that is currently only available in the Play Store, but you can easily find alternatives for iOS if you want. «Repost for Instagram». To take advantage of the basic storis features of the app, tap the circular arrow button in the lower right corner and select "Stories"..
    2. When the familiar Instagram login form appears, enter your own account details and click "Register".. If you have done everything correctly, you will be automatically redirected to the previous page, where the account photo should appear at the bottom.
    3. Press the button again. "Stories" in the main menu of the application to display a list of all the stories that are active and available for processing at this time. To continue, open the desired content, using the button "Search by username." to search for entries by a specific user.On Screen "History of"where you can present a large number of current publications of the author, select the desired option with a single touch. Note that still images do not have any special markings, while videos are indicated by a corresponding icon in the right corner.
    4. Initially, along with the publication, a small label will appear on the page mentioning the author, whose location and appearance can be changed with the buttons "Colour" и "Position".. You can also remove this block entirely if you want to create an exact copy of the material without any modification. To post a post on Instagram on your behalf, use the circular arrow button on the bottom bar and in the popup «Caption copied» click on "I HAVE IT"As a result, the export menu should appear.
    5. Touch the item "Repost a Stories" and wait for the process to complete. This procedure takes more or less time, depending on the type of material and the quality of the original post. Specify an official social media client from the list «What to wear» for quick export. After that, it only remains to make the final changes using the standard Story Editor and do the placement.

The main disadvantage of the solution is the simple violation of the copyright rules of the social network, which can lead to the removal of content and the blocking of the account. For this reason, you cannot add references at the time of publication to avoid a claim from the author of the original entry.

We are glad that we were able to help you with your problem.