How to Shoot LomoKino Using iPhone

If you like photography, you've probably heard of a genre of photography called "lomography", whose main objective is to capture the world around you, as it really is. Lomographers find beauty in deliberately low-quality footage captured on film from various angles. What does the iPhone have to do with it, you ask?

The fact is that the most popular site, not long ago, presented its own accessory for an iOS device, specifically for the iPhone.

With the help of a specialized Lomo camera called lomokino, you can easily shoot your own cinematic masterpiece on 35mm film. Then the captured film must be revealed, and after developing it, you can show it to your friends, a special device is used for this LomoKinoScope- Just turn the knob and watch the movie clip! And that's not all. Images can be viewed using an iPhone connected to a special device called Lomo Kino Smart Phone Holder. If you wish, clicking the Record button on your iPhone will send you a digitized version of the lomo video right on your device.

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A dedicated iPhone mount will set you back $24.90, while a camera Lomo Kino Loin it will cost around $80. The display device: LomoKinoScope on the company's website it is sold for $39. However, if you buy 3 devices at once, the manufacturers will offer a discount, in this case, the Lomokino shooting set will cost you $111.

You will get great pleasure from the very process of shooting, which, by the way, is priceless. If you don't believe it, now is the time to find out!

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