How to resolve error code 495 on the Play Store

How to resolve error code 495 on the Play Store

One of the most common problems when using the Google Play application store is "error 495". In most cases, it occurs due to a Google Services memory cache overflow, but also due to an application crash.

How to fix error code 495 on the Play Store

To resolve "Error 495", you need to perform several actions described below. Choose the appropriate action for you and the problem will disappear.

Method 1: Clear cache and reset Play Market application settings

The cache is the saved files from the Play Market pages that provide fast loading of the application in the future. Due to memory overflow with this data, you may occasionally experience errors when using Google Play.

To free your device from system trash, follow the steps below.

    1. Open "Settings". on your gadget and go to the tab "Applications"..
    2. In the list provided, find the app "Game Market". and navigate to your settings.

  1. If you have a device with Android 6.0 or higher operating system, then open "Memory".and then press the key first. "Clear cache."to remove accumulated garbage, and then to "Restart".to reset the settings in the app store to zero. In Android below version six you do not have to open the memory settings, you will see the delete data buttons right away.
  2. Then a window will appear with a warning to delete the application data from Play Market. Confirm by tapping on "Delete"..

This completes the deletion of the accumulated data. Restart the device and try using the service again.

Method 2: Delete updates from Play Store

Also, Google Play may crash after an unsuccessful update that occurs automatically.

  1. To perform this procedure again as in the first method, open "Play Market" in the application list, go to "Menu" and press «Delete updates»..
  2. Then two warning windows will appear one after the other. In the first, confirm the removal of the updates by pressing the button "OKAY"., in the second they coincide with the restoration of the original version of the Play Store, also touching the corresponding button.
  3. Now restart your device and go to Google Play. At some point, you will be "kicked" out of the application - at this point the automatic update will occur. After a few minutes, go back into the app store. The error should go away.

Method 3: Delete Google Play Services data

Since the Google Play Services work in conjunction with the Play Market, the error may appear due to the Services being filled with unnecessary junk data.

  1. Clearing the cache is similar to removing the first method. Only in this case in "Applications". find "Google Play services"..
  2. Instead of a button. "Restart". would "Management of places". - go to it.
  3. In the new window, click on "Clear all data."and then confirm the action by pressing «OK».

This completes the deletion of all unnecessary files from Google Play Services. The "error 495" should no longer bother you.

Method 4: Reinstalling the Google account

In case the error occurs after following the above methods, another option is to delete and re-enter the profile, as it is directly related to work in the Play Store.

    1. To delete the account from your device, go to "Settings". - "Accounts"..
    2. In the list of accounts on your device, select "Google"..
    3. In the profile options, click "Delete account". followed by confirmation of the action by selecting the corresponding button.
    4. This step completes the account deletion from the device. Now, to continue using the app store, you need to restore it. To do this, go back to "Accounts".where is selected "Add Account"..
    5. The following is a list of applications in which an account can be created. At this time you need a profile of "Google"..
    6. On the new page, you will be asked to enter your account details or create another one. In the first case, enter your email or phone number, then press "Next".In the second, click on the corresponding line to register.

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  1. You will then need to enter your account password and click "Next"..
  2. To complete the login to your account, you have to accept the corresponding button "Terms of use". Google services and your "Privacy Policy"..

This was the last step to restore your account on your device. Now go to Play Market and use the app store without any error. If none of the methods have worked for you, then you have to reset your device to factory settings. To do this correctly, see the following article.

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