How to speed up rendering in Sony Vegas

Very often users have a question about how to increase the rendering speed (saving) of a video. After all, the longer the video and the more effects it has, the longer it takes to render - a 10-minute video can take an hour to render. We will try to reduce the processing time.

Faster rendering at the cost of quality

1. Once you have finished working with the video, select the "View as ..." tab from the "File" menu. ("Render as ...", "Render as ...").

2. Next, you have to select the format and resolution from the list (we take Internet HD 720p).

3. Now let's move on to the more detailed settings. Click on "Customize template" and in the window that opens in the video settings, change the bitrate to 10.000.000 and the frame rate to 29.970.

4. In the same window, in the project settings, set the video rendering quality to Best.

This method helps speed up video rendering, but keep in mind that the quality of the video, even if it is insignificant, degrades.

Accelerate rendering at the expense of the video card

Also pay attention to the last item in the video settings tab: "Encoding mode". If you adjust this parameter correctly, you can increase the speed of saving your video on your computer many times.
If your video card supports OpenCL or CUDA technology, select the appropriate option.

In the "System" tab, click "Check GPU" to see what technology you can use.

You can speed up video recording this way, although not by much. In fact, it is possible to increase the rendering speed in Sony Vegas, either at the expense of quality or by upgrading your computer's "hardware".

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