How to start the development console in Opera

Method 1: Keyboard shortcut

The most comfortable and fastest way for many users is to use a hotkey to open the development tools in general or specifically the console tab. In Opera, the following combinations are responsible for these actions Ctrl + Shift + I и Ctrl + Shift + J respectively. For some reason the universal key does not work here F12which also opens the developer console.

    1. You can always reassign the above combinations to what suits you best. To do this, go through the menu to "Settings"..
    2. In the search box, start typing "keyboard shortcut" and click on a match.

  1. In the list of actions available to modify, find "Developer Tools". o "Developer Tools Console". and instead of the standard combination, set the most convenient for you.

Method 2: Browser menu

Open the desired tool and through the browser menu. If you feel more comfortable calling it with the mouse than with the keyboard, just click the menu button, hover over "Development". and from the drop-down list, select "Developer Tools"..

The only thing left to do is switch to the tab "Console"if that is what is required.

Method 3: Context menu

Another option to call the console without the keyboard is to use the context menu. Right-click anywhere on a tab and use the button «See article code»..

Click on the tab "Console"..

Method 4: Label Properties

To launch this browser with the development tools already open each time, you will have to change the properties of the shortcut. Note that the tools will open for all tabs, including those left over from a previous session, not just the active tab.

  1. You can only prescribe launch properties for a shortcut, not for an executable. Also, if you use more than one shortcut to start a web browser, you will have to change all of them if you want any of them to also open the developer tools. Right click on the shortcut and go to "Properties"..
  2. Need a token "Shortcut". and the field "Object". inside. Place the cursor behind the last character and put a space after which insert the command --auto-open-devtools-for-tabs and press "AGREE". to save the result.
  3. Now start Opera and check the result. The tools will open after the page itself loads.

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