How to summon the Enderdragon. The Enderdragon is the definitive boss of Minecraft. The creature is a great black dragon with purple eyes that can be found in the End dimension. After defeating him and finishing the game, you can summon him again for a rematch.

At ik4 we have created this tutorial on how to summon monster in minecraft game available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC. The tutorial was made on PS4, but it also works on other versions of the title.

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Requirements to summon EnderDragón

Summon the Enderdragon

Summon the Enderdragon

After the first defeat of EnderDragón, the player will receive a portal to see the endgame and return to your world. When you visit the End again, the dragon will simply no longer be there. To invoke it you need to build four End crystals, the same kind that are on top of the pillars during the battle against the dragon and recharge their energy.

They can be created with ender eyes (the same ones used to find and activate the portal), Ghast tears and glass. Check out the full tutorial below.

How to summon EnderDragón in Minecraft

  1. Eliminate some Enderman to get four ender pearls and flames to get two glowing sticks that can be turned into four flame powders.
  2. Use four ender pearls y four flame powders to make four ender eyes.
  3. In the Nether, exterminate some Ghasts to obtain four Ghast tears.
  4. Take 28 sand blocks y put them in an oven with some fuel to get 28 glass blocks.
  5. In a bank, use a Ender's Eye, a Ghast Tear, and seven glass blocks to create an End Crystal. Repeat the process until you have four End Crystals.
  6. Travel to the end and place the final four crystals at the exit portal at positions shown in the picture.
  7. Once you have placed the last crystal, they will emit rays into the air, they will restore the crystals and pillars of the Ender and will cause an explosion that will summon the Enderdragon. Get ready, as a new boss battle will start.

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