How to sync Viber on PC and Android mobile phone or iPhone

How to sync Viber on PC and Android mobile phone or iPhone

The operation of the Viber application for Windows is possible only through synchronization with the "main" messaging client installed on the mobile device. The exchange of data between the application on the mobile phone and its clone on the computer is automated and does not require user intervention, but there may be errors in the process. To correct the errors and force synchronization, use the instructions in the following article.

In general, the activation of the data exchange between the messaging applications on the Android mobile phone or iPhone and the computer is carried out at the time of authorization in Vibere from the Windows environment. If the user skips this step, or claims there is no mobile Viber client information on their desktop version, the sync procedure must be started again.

How to sync Viber on PC with Android app

To resume the process of copying data from Viber for Android to a "mirror" application on your PC, you can go one of two ways.

Method 1: Android Messaging Client

    1. Launch Viber on your Android device and go to "Plus". Applications. Scroll through the list of options and open "Settings"..

    1. Press "Bill".and then go to "Computers and tablets".. In the area that contains the inscription "Windows PC"touch "Deactivate".
    2. Confirm the incoming request by clicking "DEACTIVATE". and then go to messenger on your computer.
    3. Click on "Keep going". in the notification box to start the registration wizard that displays the Viber desktop app.
    4. After restarting the program, the window will appear "Welcome".Click here. "Yes"..

  1. After verifying that the phone number entered in the application matches your messaging account, press "Keep going"..
  2. Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code that appears on the PC screen: the camera for this manipulation will open on your mobile device automatically.
  3. Click on "Synchronization". in the Wyber window for Windows.
  4. Then press "Starts". in the window "Synchronize history."on the mobile phone screen.
  5. Wait for the procedure to complete until the windows indicating the communication process disappear from the phone and desktop screens.
  6. Once the Viber mobile client and desktop app are back to their normal appearance, the syncing procedure is considered complete.

Method 2: Messaging client for PC

  1. In the Viber application on your computer or laptop, open the menu "Tools". and from there, open "Options"..
  2. Click on the article. "Privacy".and then press the key "Deactivate".
  3. Confirm the request to log out of the messaging account on your computer by clicking "Disconnect"..
  4. The Viber for PC client will then restart automatically and you will then need to follow steps 5-11 in the instructions above in this article.

How to sync Viber on PC with iPhone app

To start the process of copying data from Viber for iPhone to the client on your computer in the same way as with Android above, you can use the mobile app or the Windows version of the messenger.

Method 1: iOS messaging client

  1. Launch the messenger on your iPhone, and then go to "Settings". from the section "Plus". client application.
  2. Press "Bill".and then go to "Computers and tablets".. Press "Deactivate". in the area containing the name "Windows PC".
  3. Confirm the system request by pressing "Deactivate". in the window of the iPhone screen, and then go to the messaging application on the computer.
  4. Click on "Keep going". in the Windows Viber client windows, instructing you to restart the messenger registration wizard.
  5. Click on "Yes". in the welcome window of messenger for Windows.
  6. Make sure you enter the correct phone number, which is your Viber account, click "Keep going"..
  7. With the camera automatically launched on the iPhone, scan the QR code displayed on the PC / laptop screen.
  8. Click on "Synchronization". in the Viber window for Windows.
  9. Press "Starts". in the window "Synchronize messages"on the iPhone.
  10. Wait for the data copy procedure to complete without closing the desktop and mobile messaging clients.
  11. After the copying process is complete, you can check the efficiency of the operation: all the messenger chats on the iPhone are synced and are now displayed in the Viber for PC window.

Method 2: Messaging client for PC

  1. Open Viber in the Windows environment and click on the gear in the upper right corner of the application window. Then click "Settings"..
  2. Go to the section "Privacy". and press "Deactivate"..
  3. Click on "Disconnect". in response to a system request to log out of the messaging account on the PC.
  4. After automatically restarting the desktop Vibera, follow steps # 5-11 from the previous instruction in this material, that is, log into the Windows version of the messenger again and allow it to sync with the client on iPhones.

Thus concludes our article. As you can see, restarting the information synchronization process between the computer version of Viber messenger and its version for the mobile OS is quite easy.

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