How to tame a cat and an ocelot in Minecraft. Minecraft lets you tame a cat and tame an ocelot after following some tips. The game has two types of cats that the player can interact with: Cats and Ocelots. They both perform roughly the same function: cats are able to chase away some of the enemies most annoying in the game, like the dreaded Creepers and Ghosts. Tame them, however, can be difficult due to their strong personality.

One change in newer versions of Minecraft, starting with update 1.14, is that ocelots can no longer be fully tamed. In current versions, the player can gain their trust to stop running away from him and move them with a rope. However, they do not follow the user like cats, wolves, and other animals do. A special ability of cats is that when the player wakes up, they appear in front of them with some random object as a gift, which unlocks the achievement / trophy "Where have you been?".

From We show you in the following tutorial the step by step about how to tame Cats and Ocelots in Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

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How to tame cat in Minecraft step by step

  1. Fish for a while until you get a good amount of Raw Salmon and / or Raw Cod.
  2. Locate a town and search for Cats near.
  3. Get closer to the catbut not too much select one of the fish and stand still.
  4. When the cat approaches, feed him fish until he hearts appear in his head. This means that it is tamed and will follow the player.
  5. Test your Cat's ability to scare away creepers throughout the game.

How to tame an ocelot in Minecraft step by step

ocelot in minecraft

  1. Like the Cats, fish until you get Raw Salmon and / or Raw Cod for the Ocelot.
  2. Create a rope with four strands obtained from Spiders and a Slime Obtained from killing Slimes in Swamps and Caves.
  3. Find a jungle biome, identified by its large trees.
  4. Look for an Ocelot and when you find it, stand still with one of the fish selected, just as you did with the Cat.
  5. When the ocelot approaches, feed him a fish. Hearts must rise above your head. Tie it with the rope to take it home or for a walk.

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