How to tame a fox in Minecraft? If you consider yourself a faithful follower of Minecraft then the most likely thing is that you have already found out about the presence of some new animals within the video game, for example foxes. The good news is that finding one is not that complex, and much less tame them.

If you would like to learn to how to find these types of animals in Minecraft and the process to tame them then we invite you not to leave your computer screen and be very attentive to this article where we will show you the step by step to follow to locate and tame foxes in Minecraft.

Where to find foxes in Minecraft

Before explaining the easiest and simplest way to tame a fox In Minecraft we believe it is important to teach you how to find this type of animal within the popular video game.

The first thing worth noting is that we can find foxes of two different colors in Minecraft. These animals can be located in different biomes such as taiga at night, since they usually live in lush forests.

All you can find in these taiga biomes:

  • Taiga
  • Giant tree taiga
  • Snow taiga biomes

You can also meet some fox cubs within the game and you must be very attentive because they are not easy to identify. For example, if you are in a snow taiga biome, the foxes will sport a white appearance and not the traditional reddish with white tails.

Tips to find foxes in Minecraft more easily

Pay close attention to these practical tips that we bring for you and that will help you find foxes in Minecraft much easier and faster.

  1. All red foxes They can be found most of all in biomes the taiga
  2. All arctic foxes They are present mainly in snowy taiga biomes.
  3. You will have more possibility of find foxes in night hours, since they are animals of the night.
  4. The most complex to spot are the arctic foxes

Steps to tame a fox in Minecraft

Very well. Now let's go to what really interests us and that is learn how to tame a fox. We have already completed the first part and it was to find this animal. Now comes the time to tame it.

We will need two elements to be able to tame a fox:

  • A rein (like strap)
  • Two berries confectionery
  1. Ve collecting as many sweet berries as possible. You find these in the sweet berry trees that are located in the biomes of the taiga.
  2. The safest thing is that you have to create yourself the rein, although you can run with luck and find one already created.
  3. Do you already have everything at hand? Then we are ready to tame the foxes found.
  4. Dale a sweet berry to one fox and then give another to a second fox.
  5. Waiting to reproduce.
  6. Attach the strap to the baby fox
  7. Retreat

After having performed each of the steps described above, the fox kit will be tied to you and will start to follow you everywhere. We could already say that you have successfully domesticated these animals.