How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone or iPad and Vice Versa Using Sync App.

Bittorrent, known for its popular client utorrent, has decided to take care of its iOS users. The developers have presented a new application Sync, which creates a secure environment for syncing files on iPhone and iPod Touch. In essence, this is a close analog of the notorious dropbox.

The fundamental difference between the two services is that Sync does not use "cloud" technologies: The user's personal PC is used as a data storage location. The undoubted advantage of this approach, in the absence of a real limitation on the number and size of files, is that we have all the free space on the hard drive at our disposal. The direct transfer of bytes is carried out according to the principle of torrent systems, while the traffic is automatically encrypted. Only the owner of the unique key has access to such non-virtual storage - ordinary users of numerous torrent trackers won't even know about it.

How to transfer any file from PC to iPhone or iPad

From an organizational point of view, everything is simple and the creation of your own "cloud" begins with the installation of the client Bittorrent Sync on your PC. It is downloaded from the company's official website, free of charge, in the list of supported platforms: Windows XP SP3 and newer versions, OS X (from 10.6), Linux and freebsd (links at the end of the article).

Next, we create a directory that will serve as the actual storage location for the files, register it in our iPhone's settings, and enter the secret key.

To reduce the number of typos, scanning the QR code with the mobile device's camera is provided (right-click on the created folder and select » show folder properties ").

After installing the free iOS app, you need to click the button Add folder in the section Synchronization and scan the received QR code (the button Scan QR code), thereby connecting the folder on the remote PC to your iPhone or iPad.

The number of storage folders, as well as the physical devices themselves, is unlimited: create as many as you need. All data synchronization between them and your Smartphone is automatic, in the background. Automatic synchronization, if necessary, is smoothly disabled in the iOS application settings, in addition a connection mode via 3G is provided (item Mobile Internet in the app settings).

Then everything is simple: copy the necessary files for viewing on the iPhone or iPad to the folder created on the PC, and automatically (if automatic synchronization is enabled) they appear on the iOS device.

The app is based on a combination of three modes: SynchronizationSubmission or Submissions  y Backup. The former is necessary for convenient data transfer from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to “cloud PC” and vice versa. The second is useful for transferring data to someone, bypassing third-party services: files move only between authorized devices. And Backup, as you might guess, backs up your valuable phone information to the PC that is less vulnerable to an active lifestyle.

Application Sync has its own image viewer and can also play audio and video files using the popup menu and Quick Look en iOS 7.

Application Sync It has versions not only for iOS platforms, but also for Android.