How to transfer files via Bluetooth to iPhone and iPad with Airbus Sharing Tweak (Jailbreak)

How to transfer files via Bluetooth to iPhone and iPad with Airbus Sharing Tweak (Jailbreak)

Many of you have probably already forgotten the times when transferred content between smartphones and phones via Bluetooth. Without a doubt, technology has taken a step forward, and the way in which a melody or an image can easily be “thrown away” has been undeservedly forgotten.

Of course, it is worth remembering the technology AirDrop, which partially replaces the data transfer via Bluetooth on new devices with iOS 7, but it has a number of limitations and disadvantages.

Third-party app developers also offer convenient ways to share photos and videos, transfer data and download any file, but all of them are limited to a specific program and cannot work at the operating system level.

Users of jailbroken iOS devices are luckier: for this purpose, you can use a Cydia tweak called Airbus Sharing. The extension is integrated into most of the standard and third-party applications, the gallery menu and the player. Also, a special file manager is added. Thus, you can transfer absolutely any file via Bluetooth, be it an image from the Photos application, a melody from Music, a note, a contact or any other document from any program.

How to Transfer Files via Bluetooth to iPhone and iPad with AirBlue Sharing Tweak

From the menu » open in… «, you must select the icon called Airbus Sharing, after which the search for devices with the module will begin bluetooth enabled. To receive on iOS, you need to activate the module, but not just turn on the standard switch, but run the program and click » enable reception » or activate this function with the gesture Activator (initially this is a triple tap on the status bar). After that, an icon in the form of an airplane will be displayed on the top line. For reception on other smartphones or computers, we do everything as usual. The status of the data transfer can be monitored in the Notification Center. All received files go to a special folder in the application Airbus Sharing. From there, they can be viewed, transferred to another user, or imported into any of the applications. Including the tweak allows you to import photos and videos to the gallery and music to the player, as a Bridge extension. After data transfer, the module will power off by itself after a certain time.

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