How to turn off vibration on iPhone

When wondering how to disable vibration on the iPhone, one of the following options is usually thought: leave only ringtones without vibration, disable vibration in silent mode, disable “vibration only” mode and activate normal notification mode , all of them easy tasks to perform.

This step-by-step tutorial details how to disable iPhone vibration in different scenarios, even if the silent mode switch doesn't work. On a related topic, you may be interested in this article: How to activate the flash of calls and notifications on the iPhone (or deactivate it).

Disable vibration on calls and in silent mode

If you want your iPhone to play a ringtone or notification sound but not vibrate when you make calls and notifications, or if you want the vibration to go away when silent mode is activated, you can do both in the same settings section.

Follow the steps below to disable vibration:

  1. Open “Settings” – “Sounds, touch signals”.
  2. At the top you will see a section called “Vibration”, which is what we need.
  3. If you disable the “During Call” option, vibration will be disabled for calls regardless of mode: that is, even if the iPhone is not in silent mode, there will be no vibration.
  4. If you disable the option “In silent mode”, the vibration will disappear in the corresponding mode, for example if you turn it on with the switch on the side, which means that you will not receive any notification of events.

How to disable vibration and enable normal notification mode

Some owners of a new iPhone find that the phone "suddenly" stops playing ringtones and only vibrates. This is almost always caused by the silent mode switch on the left edge of the phone.

If it is in the position where you see the orange (red) bar, it means that you are in silent mode, in which by default the phone only vibrates for calls, messages and other notifications. Simply flip the switch back to the normal position and normal ringtones resume.

What to do if the silent mode switch is not working on your iPhone

It happens that the switch to activate the silent mode stops working and the vibration cannot be deactivated. There are two possible solutions to this situation:

  1. The expensive one is a repair.
  2. Go to Settings – Special functions – Touch and activate the “Assisted touch” option. This will cause a floating button to appear on the side of the screen. If you click on it and then select “Assistive Touch”, you will see a button to activate the sound even if the switch does not work.

Some additional nuances related to vibration and other alerts on the iPhone:

  • With the Focus function of the iPhone settings, you can set focus scenarios, blocking any notifications (both audio and vibration) for all selected contacts and apps.
  • At the bottom of the Settings – Sounds, haptic notifications screen, there is a Haptic system item that disables vibration when interacting with iOS, such as when the home screen is touched for a long time.