How to turn off WhatsApp? WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications around the world, in this sense, people download these types of apps to enjoy conversations with their colleagues and friends. Without a doubt, it has remained since its inception in the highest positions of use and development.

Over time, WhatsApp has innovated with its updates that gives people the permission to innovate in their chats and even maintain a close relationship with people who live at a distance.

However, there comes a necessary point where the main idea is turn off WhatsApp and disconnect from the application without having to disconnect the data or the WIFI. This is because you want to use other applications but you do not want to receive the hassle of constant messages to this platform.

Turn off function in WhatsApp

Imagine that you are working or watching a movie and you do not want constant messages to reach you on WhatsApp, unfortunately you could not because if you do, you disconnect the internet from your device. Many experts have been reading and practicing on the subject to find better and fabulous results.

However, there is finally an excellent idea that netizens will love and it will make a better development of the smart life of the phone. For this case, there is a solution that will decrease the search time to turn off WhatsApp and will also help you to save battery.

How do I activate the function to turn off WhatsApp?

Many times you have deactivated the data or turned off the WIFI of your device to prevent people from bothering you. But one problem with this is that you completely lose the chance to use other applications on the device.

Now you just have to follow the steps below and lessen the problem of the function in Whatsapp to get better results.

  • Go to the settings of your Android phone
  • Select the applications option on the phone
  • Swipe the names of the apps until you get to the WhatsApp
  • Choose the option: "Force close"

By complying with this element, it will be easier for you to use your electronic equipment without having to waste time to eliminate notifications or have to enter the WhatsApp platform to retrieve a message.

Other WhatsApp options

One of the ideas that you can also keep in mind is to mute group messages and personal chats. That way, nor in the preview and much less in the area of ​​new messages these chats will appear.

That is, you will only know that someone He wrote you because you entered WhatsApp and then the latent conversation will be. This is a good chance of going unnoticed hundreds of messages that ruin your work or recording.

How do I silence someone on WhatsApp?

  • Enter the chat of the person or group in question
  • Click on the three dots that appear vertically to the right of the chat
  • Select the mute button
  • Choose the time you need the chat to be silent

When you complete these types of steps, you can also eliminate them by following the same instructions. In this way, you will make a momentary or permanent change within the chat.