How to Type Fast on iPad

Currently, tablet sales continue to grow, suggesting that many buyers are replacing laptops and PCs with a tablet. The main need when working with a tablet is typing. In our article today, we will tell you how to quickly type text on the iPad using simple but hidden iOS features.

Unpin the keyboard

Few people know it, but the iPad it comes with an interesting undocking and split keyboard feature. With this simple manipulation, you can write comfortably with the thumbs of both hands.

To split or unpin the keyboard, press and hold the hide keyboard button on the screen for a long time. A small context menu will appear with a selection of options: unpin and split.

When undocked, the keyboard can move up and down freely on the screen of the iPad. It can be dragged using the same button to hide the keyboard. This mode of operation is suitable for editing text or working with tables.

Split is an option that groups the keyboard of the iPad around the edges of the screen. This makes it very convenient to type with your thumbs. You can use the context menu to split the keyboard, or you can split the keyboard by sliding your finger to both sides of the screen.

To return the keyboard to its original state, the key to hide the keyboard is also used.

If this option does not work on your iPad, make sure it is activated in Configuration -> General -> Keyboard -> split keyboard.

"Dedicated" keyboard in applications

The keyboard in iOS can change depending on the app you are using. For example, in any Twitter client. On the main keyboard layout, keys for mentioning users and entering hash tags appear.

And in mail clients, when entering an address, the "dog" icon is also displayed on the keyboard layout. When entering an email address, you can also quickly enter a mail domain using the .com key on your keyboard.

Use of additional keys

Certain letters on the iOS keyboard allow you to select an additional character when held down. For example, the letter e in the Russian layout allows you to print the letter ё.

On a "symbolic" keyboard, holding down will allow you to select even more options. By clicking on the $ sign, you will be able to select a symbol for other currencies.

Another useful symbol for creating bulleted lists appears with a long press on the script.

Fast character set

Unfortunately, the Russian keyboard layout on iOS lacks a semicolon. Therefore, when typing, we have to constantly press the ?123 key to navigate to the symbols and then return to the main layout. With the help of a simple gesture, it is fashionable to reduce the time spent on setting punctuation marks.

All you need to do is press and hold the 123 button, slide your finger to the desired symbol, and lift your finger from the iPad screen. Immediately after you set a punctuation mark or type a number, the keyboard automatically switches to the standard letter layout.