How to uninstall Baidu from your computer

How to uninstall Baidu from your computer

Need to uninstall Baidu software from your computer, but can't? Now let's figure out how to do it and get rid of it completely. And first, about what kind of program it is.

Baidu is a potentially unwanted program that runs on your computer, changes your browser's home page settings, displays unnecessary ads on it, installs Baidu's search bar and tools, downloads additional unwanted software from the Internet, and , most importantly, it is not uninstalled. The appearance of the program on your computer usually occurs in the process of installing some necessary utility, which "on load" adds this package as well. (You can use Unchecky in the future to avoid it)

That said, there is also Baidu Antivirus, the Baidu Root program - also Chinese products, but when downloaded from the official site, supposedly safe. Another program with a similar name - Baidu PC Faster, already from another developer, is categorized as undesirable by some anti-malware tools. Any of this list that you need to remove, the solution is below.

Manual Baidu removal

2015 update - Before proceeding, try going to the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders and if there is a Baidu folder there, find the uninstall.exe file and run it. Perhaps this action is enough to uninstall Baidu and all the steps described below are useless for you.

I'll start with how to uninstall Baidu without using any additional programs. If you want to do it automatically (which may be sufficient), skip to the next part of the instructions and come back if necessary.

First of all, if you take a look in the Task Manager, you will most likely see some of the following running processes, just related to this malware (by the way, they are easily identifiable by the Chinese description):

  • Baidu.exe.
  • BaiduAnSvc.exe
  • BaiduSdTray.exe
  • BaiduHips.exe
  • BaiduAnTray.exe
  • BaiduSdLProxy64.exe
  • bddownloader.exe

Simply right-clicking the process, selecting "Open File Location" (usually Program Files), and deleting them, even with Unlocker and similar programs, will not work.

It is best to start by looking for Baidu-related programs in Control Panel - Windows Programs and Components. And continue restarting the computer in safe mode, and after that perform all other actions:

  1. Go to Control Panel - Administration - Services and disable all Baidu-related services (you can easily recognize them by name).
  2. Check if there are any Baidu processes running in Task Manager. If there is, click the right mouse button and "Delete the task."
  3. Delete all Baidu files from the hard drive.
  4. Go to the registry editor and remove everything unnecessary from the autorun. You can also do it in the "Autorun" tab by pressing Win + R in Windows 7 and typing msconfig, or in the "Autorun" tab of the Windows 8 and 8.1 Task Manager. You can simply search the registry for any key that contains the word "baidu."
  5. Check the list of plugins and extensions of the browsers you use. Uninstall or disable the ones related to Baidu. Also check the properties of the browser shortcuts, remove unnecessary startup options if necessary, or just create new shortcuts from the folder with the browser startup file. It's also a good idea to clear your cache and cookies (or better yet, use a reset in your browser settings).
  6. Just in case, you can check the hosts file and the proxy servers in the connection properties (Control Panel - Browser or browser properties - Connections - Network settings, uncheck "Use proxy server" if it is there and not you have configured).

After that, you can restart your computer in normal mode, but don't rush to use it. It is also advisable to check the computer by automatic means, which can help to clean it permanently.

Automatic removal of the program

Now about how to uninstall the Baidu program in automatic mode. This option is complicated by the fact that a single malware removal tool is often not enough.

To increase the likelihood of success, I would suggest using a free uninstaller like Revo Uninstaller first - it can sometimes remove what is not seen in programs and components or the CCleaner uninstaller. But you may not see anything in it either, it's just one more step.

The next step I recommend is to use two free tools for removal of Adware, PUP and Malware: Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes Antimalware (I wrote about how to use and where to download in detail in the article How to remove ads in a browser - all methods of there they apply here too). You can also use ADWCleaner to be safe.

And finally, once these checks are done, manually see if there are services, developer jobs (handy to look at in CCleaner) and keys in the autoloader, recreate the browser shortcuts, or better yet, reset them through the settings to permanently and completely remove Chinese Baidu and any of its remains.