How to uninstall Viber for Windows from your PC

How to uninstall Viber for Windows from your PC

Uninstalling the Viber client application from your Windows PC or laptop rarely causes any difficulties for users. In case you run into any difficulties, take a look at the following article that describes the three easiest and most effective ways to uninstall the messenger.

How to uninstall Viber for Windows

It is advisable to uninstall the Viber application if you no longer plan to use a certain PC as a tool that allows you to access the information exchange system. In the event that messenger operation is planned to be temporarily suspended in the Windows environment, simply deactivating the client, allowing you to quickly restore Viber functionality to your computer later, should such a need arise.

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Neither removing nor disabling the Viber mobile variant cloning program on your computer or laptop affects the messenger installed on other users' devices.

Method 1: Software Removal Program

To apply the most effective Viber removal method for Windows, it is necessary to use specialized software designed to completely uninstall programs and automatically clean the operating system of its remains in the form of "junk" files and invalid registry keys.

In the instructions, we are going to use one of the best representatives of the mentioned software - Revo Uninstaller. This tool is capable of uninstalling both the messenger installed as a result of unpacking the distribution package obtained from the official Viber website and the version purchased from the Microsoft Store, and it can become an effective solution to eliminate the consequences of improper removal / application failed.

To effectively implement the following recommendations, first download, install, and run Revo Aninstaller.

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Viber uninstallation downloaded from the official website of the messenger developers

  1. In the upper right corner of the Revo Uninstaller main window, click the button "Uninstaller".and then look for the messenger's name in the list of software installed on your computer.
  2. Click on the line Viber.and then click on the button "Delete"in the top menu.
  3. The result of the above instruction point will start the Viber uninstaller. Click on "Uninstall". in your window, and wait for the tool to complete.

  4. In the window that shows Revo Aninstaller, move the radio button "Modes of exploration". to position "Advanced".and then click on "Scan".Wait for the search for "traces" of the deleted messenger to finish.
  5. In the window. "Remaining registry entries found" press the button first "Select all"..Click Next. "Delete" and confirm the request received.
  6. The last step to clean your computer of components and messenger debris that has become unnecessary using Revo Uninstaller is to remove temporary files and "junk". Click on "Select all".and then "Delete". in the list of Viber "traces" detected by the tool. To start cleaning, click "Yes". in the query box that appears.
  7. Wait for the file shredding operation to complete, then you can be sure - Viber PC is completely removed from your computer or laptop.

Viber Uninstall Obtained from Microsoft Store

  1. Run Revo Aninstaller and click on the tab "Windows Applications". in the menu at the top of the main window of the tool.
  2. Find the name of the messenger in the list of applications included in the operating system and purchased from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Click on the line Viber.highlighting it like this, and then press "Delete". at the top of the Revo Uninstaller window.
  4. Confirm your intentions by clicking "Yes". in the query box that appears.
  5. Wait a while while the uninstaller performs the necessary operations.
  6. In the next window click "Scan"..
  7. Follow steps # 6-8 from the above instruction, which involves the complete removal of the universal from the Windows versions of the messaging desktop client.

Method 2: Windows Toolbox

The most commonly used method to uninstall installed software in Windows environment is to use the built-in tools of the operating system. As in the case of other programs, it is very easy to get rid of Viber PC by going to "Control Panel". (available in any version of the operating system) or (only in Windows 10) by accessing the option in "Preferences". system. Keep in mind that users of the messaging client for Windows 10 installed from the Microsoft Store can only use the system module to uninstall it. "Settings"., standard "Control Panel". Viber is "powerless" regarding this option.

Viber technical service experts strongly recommend disabling the installed messenger on your computer before carrying out its uninstallation procedure. To do this, activate the option in the client menu on your PC / laptop or use the app on your mobile phone (a link to the instructions is provided at the beginning of this article).

Control panel

    1. Open "Control Panel". Windows the way you want it.

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  1. Ir a "Programs and components".
  2. Look in Viber. in the list of installed software and click the name of the messenger.
  3. Click on the button. "Delete".that appears at the top of the window "Programs and components".
  4. Click on "Delete". in the uninstall window of the Viber app.
  5. Wait until the uninstallation of Messenger from your computer is complete, observing the progress bar.
  6. The process is completed by automatically closing the uninstaller window and removing the client icons from the Windows Desktop and Main Menu.

Windows 10 Settings.

  1. Invoke the window "Windows Settings"for example, by clicking the icon "Notifications". in the taskbar to the right of the clock and selecting "Every options"..
  2. Open section "Applications"..
  3. Scroll the list «Applications and features»until you find Viber. (Both the "normal" version and the Microsoft Store messaging variant are present here, if installed).
  4. Click the name of the application to uninstall, and then click "Uninstall". in the extended description area.
  5. Confirm the system alert request by clicking "Delete". Again.
  6. The final uninstall actions have two variants:
    • Click on "Delete". in the launched messenger uninstall window in case you are uninstalling regular Viber Desktop, and wait for the procedure to complete.
    • Please wait a bit to complete the process if you are uninstalling Viber for Windows 10 obtained from Microsoft Store.

Method 3: Messenger Installer

If the ultimate goal of uninstalling Viber for Windows is to reinstall this application, the above methods do not need to be applied. Both the tool designed to deploy the messenger on your PC disk and the tool to uninstall it are combined in one package by the developers, which can be used to solve the article title problem.

  1. Download the Viber for PC distribution package and open it (a link to download the installer is provided in this article, and instructions are here).
  2. Upon launch, the installer automatically detects the presence of the client application on the system and suggests its uninstallation by displaying the corresponding button in its first window - click on "Uninstall"..
  3. Wait for the uninstaller to complete, after which the distribution can be reopened to reinstall Viber for Windows.


In conclusion, let us point out once again the simplicity of performing the procedure discussed in the article - quickly remove Viber messenger from your computer or laptop that has become unnecessary, choose the most convenient method from your point of view, is capable of each user. from service.

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