How to uninstall Viber from Android and iPhone

How to uninstall Viber from Android and iPhone

The most effective solution to the problem of temporarily or permanently stopping using Viber is to uninstall the service client application from your device. In the following material, you will find instructions that involve uninstalling the messenger from your Android device and iPhone as a result of its execution.

Before uninstalling the software that gives access to the Viber information exchange system, you must determine whether you will use the messenger in the future. In case the suspension of the messenger operation is temporarily planned, you should take care to preserve the chat history, that is, make sure that the information sent and received through Viber is backed up.

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If the cessation of the use of the messaging system is definitive, you must deactivate your account before uninstalling the client application.

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How to remove Viber from your Android and iOS phone

The two operating systems that control most of today's mobile phones - Android and iOS - are equipped with functions that allow you to uninstall any application very quickly and without much trouble, and Viber is no exception in this case. Both Android and Apple device users can choose from several options to achieve the goal stated in the title of this article.


It is possible to uninstall Viber for Android by following one of the three instructions below. The choice of method is not fundamental and is dictated rather by the preferences and habits of the user.

Method 1: Applications menu and / or desktop

    1. Look for the Viber icon in the menu of applications installed on your mobile phone or on the Android desktop (it does not work in all shells / launchers). Press and hold the icon.
    2. Drag and drop the client application icon to the trash can image that appears at the top of the screen with the caption "Delete" and then release.
    3. Confirm the system request by pressing "AGREE".. As a result, the Viber messaging client will disappear from the list of applications installed on your device.

Method 2: Android «Settings»

  1. Any convenient way (from the Desktop, the application menu, the notification bar) open "Settings". Mobile OS.
  2. Go to the section "Applications". and find Viber. in the list of programs installed on your phone. Touch the messenger's name.
  3. Press "DELETE" on the screen with the list of options available for the application. It remains to confirm the system request by pressing the key "OKAY".The Vibera client will then be uninstalled.

Method 3: Google Play Market

If the ultimate goal of the procedure to remove Viber from your Android device is to reinstall it, it is possible to accomplish the intended purpose very quickly using the tools provided in the Google app store.

    1. Launch Google Play Market and open the Viber app page by entering a query in the search box or by clicking the following link from your phone.

Download Viber for Android from Google Play Market

  1. Press "DELETE" with the name of the messenger. Confirm the system request to start the Wyber client uninstall.
  2. Uninstall is completed by renaming the button "OPENED". on the app page in the Google Play Store - you can now re "INSTALL" Viber.


To remove Viber for iOS from their iPhone, users can use one of the two functions provided in the mobile operating system, or use Windows software to solve the problem.

Method 1: iOS desktop

  1. Navigate to the screen or folder where the Viber program icon appears. Tap on the messenger icon and keep tapping until a cross appears in a gray circle in the upper left corner of the icon.
  2. Press the cross and then confirm the alert request from the operating system by pressing "Delete".. After a few seconds, the Wyber client will disappear from the list of software installed on the iPhone.

Method 2: iOS Settings

  1. Open the screen "Settings". of your operating system by touching the corresponding icon on the iPhone desktop. Hate "Basic". and then select "IPhone Storage"..
  2. After waiting for the device storage scan to complete, you will have access to the list of installed programs. Find Viber. in this list and tap the name of the messaging client.
  3. On the screen displaying the messenger details, tap "Uninstall the program.". You will then be asked to confirm your intentions: press "Uninstall the program." again in the query area that appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Please wait for some time to finish uninstalling Viber and clean the device storage from accumulated data during its operation. This completes the uninstallation of Messenger from the iPhone.

Method 3: iTools

Those Apple smartphone owners, who prefer to use Windows-PC or laptop to manage their device, can also use the "big brother" to uninstall Viber from iPhones. Our example uses the iTools app, but the ability to uninstall apps from an iOS mobile device is built into many other tools for similar purposes.

  1. Download the iTools distribution link from the tool review article available on our website.
  2. Install the program on your computer and run it.More information: How to install the iTools software on your computer
  3. Wait for the automatic driver installation and other necessary initialization procedures to complete.
  4. Connect the iPhone to the USB port of the PC and press "Confidence". in the box that appears on the screen of the mobile device.
  5. Go to the section "Applications".by clicking on the corresponding item in the menu on the left of the main iTools window.
  6. Find Viber. in the list of software installed on your iPhone that appears, and click "Uninstall" button. to the right of the messenger's name.
  7. Confirm the request received from iTools.
  8. Wait for the uninstall operation to complete - the rendered Weber is no longer present on your iPhone.


As you can see, the procedure for uninstalling the Viber messaging client application from any phone is not characterized by complexity and can be performed quickly by each user, regardless of the operating system that controls their mobile device.

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