How to unlink a deleted account from Google Play Store

How to unlink a deleted account from Google Play Store

After an account is deleted, it can remain linked to some Google services, including the Play Market catalog of applications and games.

Keep in mind. The following example uses a mobile phone with the Samsung One UI shell. For other versions of Android, the procedure may differ slightly from the one shown below.

    1. Open the application catalog and tap on your profile picture.
    2. Expand the list of additional options by clicking the arrow next to the name you specified when registering your account.

    1. Press "Account settings on the device".
    2. Click on your outdated email address linked to Google.
    3. Unlink your profile with the button "Delete account"..

  1. Confirm the action by pressing the button with the same name again Read also: How to add an account in Play Market

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